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Monday, April 2, 2018

In a Vase on Monday

The foliage in my vase today is the result of pruning my Rosa glauca over the weekend. But it isn't Rosa glauca foliage.

Let me explain.

I was weeding and digging and dividing plants in the bed where the Rosa glauca lives when I realized it really needed to be pruned. So I took a break from the weeding to give it a go. I started with the dead tips that had died back over the winter, or still had old prune-like rose hips hanging on. Then, of course, out came the miss-shapen branches. And the ones that were rubbing. That resulted in a nice shape. But it had three or four tall shoots that were interfering with the low-hanging branches of the eucalyptus tree nearby. So I was faced with a dilemma. I could cut back those nice tall canes of the rose, or I could cut the eucalyptus branches off.

Which is how I ended up with eucalyptus foliage in my vase arrangement today.

What goes with blue eucalyptus foliage? Yellow Forsythia!

It looks much more blue in reality than it looks in the photos

It was raining when I ran out to cut some Forsythia, so they are still a bit spattered by raindrops

I added some dying fronds from my Polypodium aureum aka Blue Star Fern, which lives out in the greenhouse. Out there, seen on its own and not against the eucalyptus foliage, it looked much more blue than it does in the photos.

Polypodium frond

I like the color added by the dying areas on the fern frond

Everything is gathered in this hexagonal vase with a yellowish tinge

I have a collection of more interesting vases that I could use for my In a Vase on Monday post, but for now I'm sticking with a pretty basic one, at least until I get a few more arrangements under my belt, and decide to change things up a notch.

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