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Monday, December 30, 2019

All The Other Things Part I

Many of the publications that I read have been using the last couple of weeks to run long articles with "Best of 2019" lists -- of all kinds of description. Best movies, best TV shows, best books, best things that happened, best Fill In The Blank.

I didn't realize until I started looking over my year's worth of posts that I never even posted about some of the best gardens I visited this summer as part of the NPA's Open Gardens Program. Sometimes I even went to two different towns on the same weekend, one on Saturday, and another one in an entirely different area on Sunday. The book this year was chock-full of luscious riches. I posted photos on Instagram, usually ten posts to a garden, but I didn't include much text or background with those. So, here's a little quick and dirty rundown with a handful of pictures from some great gardens that I saw this past summer.

On Vashon Island

The Garden of Jonathan Morse

Froggsong, The Garden of Cindy Stockett

The Garden of Mary and Whit Carhart

The Garden of Anita Halstead and Kelly Robinson

In Puyallup, WA

The Garden of Ken and Jae Leonard

The Garden of Julia and Ernie Graham

The Garden of Camille Paulsen

The Garden of Blossom Kroman

In Snohomish, WA

The Garden of Karen Guzak and Warner Blake

The Garden of Mark Henry

The Garden of Don and Chris Hoerner

In Lakewood, WA

Lakewold Gardens

In Olympia, WA

The Garden of Patricia Bergford

In Federal Way, WA


You can see many of these gardens here in my Instagram feed. Would you like to see and read more about them here on my blog? Vote for your favorites, and maybe I'll post more photos over the winter.