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Saturday, February 23, 2013

More Display Gardens from The Northwest Flower and Garden Show

I hope you're up for viewing more photos of three display gardens from the Northwest Flower and Garden Show that had aspects that impressed me.

This first one is called "Living Amongst the Stars -- The Garden Takes Center Stage." According to  the media handout: "Live like a star, under the stars, in this glamorous 'garden escape.' With its customized stainless steel spa, cabana, and sculpted art, this glamorous garden is a fitting retreat for a busy actor or star-gazer. An intimate garden for two -- perfect for a celebrity couple attempting to escape the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Guided by the cornerstones of good film-making -- plot, script, sound and lighting -- this Northwest garden invites viewers to 'get into character' of their own choosing."

Created by Washington State Nursery & Landscape Association (WSNLA) and Sublime Garden Design LLC (Heidi Skievaski and Kryssie Maybay)

To the left of the pavilion a monkey puzzle tree and two Trachycarpus towered over the spa.

Interesting patio pavers hang out unevenly over a small concrete water feature

The lounge chairs have great style, but don't look comfortable either to sit in or get out of

The spa was surrounded by lights that changed color

Great foliage accent from a Rhododendron sinogrande

Also to the left of the pavilion, a gorgeous flowering Brugmansia!

To the right, a variegated Brugmansia, not flowering, but with leaves like that, are flowers necessary?

Small but well done, the display garden called "A River Runs Through It" also made an impression. From the handout: "The great outdoors comes indoors in this four-season garden. It's a verdant environment that captures our love of gardening and connection with native wildlife. The centerpiece -- a flowing stream -- provides sanctuary for native black bears, cougars, eagles and trout. For them, the brook serves many purposes. For human visitors, it's a refuge where we can enjoy the serene view and take in the soothing sounds. Don't count on a cameo appearance by the sexy male star of this 1992 film. Mother Nature gets top billing here!"

Created by Evergreen Landscaping and Ponds

For me, the most impressive feature of "Renewal: Enchanted April in the Northwest" was the fabulous metal and glass fence and gate. From the handout: "Enchanted April, a film and book originally set in an Italian villa in the 1920s, is the inspiration for a garden that combines function with beauty. This version takes place in a fictional Pacific Northwest resort but the storylines are shared -- gardens offer a place for relaxation, reflection and restoration. The arrival of Spring marks a rebirth for this garden and its visitors. Bulbs bloom and lush foliage appears, and welcoming informal seating offers opportunities for reading, napping and meditation."

Created by Home and Garden Art LLC, with plant selection and consultation from Pamela Richards Garden Design

More decorative than functional, the metal and glass fence won't keep critters out or pets in

Like the beach garden from my previous post, this garden mingled Narcissus with ornamental grasses.

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Next up: I Bought Some Plants! and then, saving the best for last: Tacoma and Portland Invade Seattle!


  1. It's so fun to see the show through your lens. Someday I'm gonna get up there to see it. I appreciate the 'River Runs Thru It' garden because it seems to feature plants from our neck of the woods. However, the metal features and whimsy of the last garden you featured is wonderful, so creative! I bet you could have spent a good 2 days at the show trying to soak it all up! Cheers, Jenni

  2. The verbiage on the handouts (especially the first one) is almost as pretentious as many artists' statements. I'm in love with the look of those lounge chairs, but one would need a personal trainer to keep in shape for entering and leaving them.

  3. That is one big Brugmansia!! I tried a variegated one while in VA....never did bloom.

  4. Thanks for featuring these display gardens. Love for flowers and arts can make these displays truly beautiful.


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