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Friday, February 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day -- February 2013

I finally have some outdoor flowers to share for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! It's a very foggy morning here on the plateau south of Seattle. Down in Sumner, at the train station, the cloud was 600 or so feet high, but up on the plateau, we were inside those clouds. And it's struggling to get above 40 degrees.

I can barely see the trees across the street

One gorgeous, untouched-by-slugs blue primrose

I have plenty of unopened or barely open, nodding Hellebores

Hellebore 'Frilly Kitten' bought last month at Molbak's and still unplanted, is finally open

In the interests of full disclosure, here is what she really looks like, when not shooting from a crouched position way down below

Snowdrops, barely an inch or two high

Witch hazel draped in spider webs (I now have three flowers on this tree)

"Puss" did not like her bath one bit!

I do have a few other flowers that I already showed a couple of days ago, in this post.

Check out Carol Michel's blog May Dreams Gardens, the host for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Today's post marks the beginning of the seventh year of Bloom Day posts. There are plenty of other bloggers there from around the world showing off their bloomers!


  1. I love your hellebores!!! I only have one and it still needs about a week before it blooms.

  2. I knew you'd have something PNW-ish and spectacular, like primroses and those other kind of roses! The witch hazel sent me out to look up and see if there were sassafras blooms, which there are. Sassafras looks like Witch Hazel's pale cousin. Happy Bloom Day.

  3. That is some thick fog! And I enjoyed your "full disclosure" on the hellebore bloom. I can't seem to get down low enough to get a full-on pic! But, that "Frilly Kitten" sure is pretty. And your little snowdrops are quite adorable!

  4. I do hope that the sun came out for you today! We had a bit of the fog for awhile but with that light behind it that let's you know the sun will be out anytime.

    Your photos are so pretty, as usual, and I love that you have so much 'Spring' around your lovely yard.

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  5. That is the perfect color of hamamelis...beautiful!

  6. "Puss" does not look at all happy with the moisture! LOL. Your hellebores and all your blooms ar looking beautiful!

  7. Alison, I love the pictures of the hellebores, I do have to work on adding more to the garden around here. The brilliant blue primrose is stunning. Did you have to lie down on the ground to get some of these shots? Carl loves to photograph me photographing flowers which is annoying, seeing the compromising positions I get myself in.

    I hope you're having a great weekend!

  8. I love the color of your witch hazel - I'd call it burnt orange but I'd be dating myself ;) And I'm not a big bulb fan, though I do love those sweet Galanthus. I think yours have stirred me to make a note-to-self for fall planting!

  9. I think Hellebores would be good candidates for hanging baskets, as they are so often down-facing. That's a pretty one.

  10. Alison, you must have a special knee pad or something for getting right down close to your blossoms to take photos. They all look so beautiful. 'Frilly Kitten' is so cute... then name, the color and the form.

    I hope the fog has lifted now and that sunshine is warming things up. It's sunny right now here but likely it won't last. It never does. Oh well,I have to keep reminding myself it's only February.

  11. Great photos of the low growing Hellebores and Snowdrops. I really like the doubles...Frilly Kitten is a keeper!

  12. Hi Alison,
    I enjoyed scrolling down seeing all the fun photos you took at the flower show. I'm glad I made it here to see what's going on in your garden. I love hellebores, and know how they open toward the ground.

    It's encouraging to see spring unfolding in others' gardens, and I hope the time until it gets our way goes by quickly.


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