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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The NWFGS Small Space Showcase

The Small Space Showcase at the NWFGS features 16 gardens designed to make the most of a small terrace, patio or deck. This year I had three favorites amongst the Small Space Showcase gardens, which take place on the Skybridge at the Convention Center. In past years, these small gardens, with their space constraints, have been some of my favorites, over even the big, splashy display gardens.

Here are my favorites.

"Electro-Cute: Salvaged Objects Take Charge" by Artistic Garden Concepts, winner of the "2013 Best Re-Characterization Award."

"2013: A Plant Odyssey" by Ravenna Gardens

"A Garden Collage" by Killarney Cove Garden Design, winner of the "2013 Best Design Award."