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Monday, February 25, 2013

I Bought Some Plants at the NWFGS!

It's hard to resist buying plants at the flower and garden show. Maybe next year I'll actually make good on my vow to buy fewer, or none.

A couple of vendors had some really beautiful Hellebores, and even though I have a handful, I felt like I needed more.

Like its display at the Tacoma Home and Garden Show, Bark and Garden had a beautifully laid-out and large display of plants for sale

How can you say no to this 'Peppermint Ice' Hellebore?

Or this? Look at the size of this flower next to my hand!

This large Aeonium 'Sunburst' was $99.99

I love the two-tone foliage of this juniper

Abies nordmaniana 'Golden Spreader' -- gorgeous color, and they had it in several sizes

Agave 'Baccarat' got my attention -- I looked it up on my iPhone and it was more wet-tolerant and hardier than the Agave americana that I recently lost

Abutilon 'Tiger Eyes' appeared in a couple of display gardens

I thought this Begonia luxurians, at a different plant vendor, was striking! Not hardy though, and its foliage reminds me of Syneilesis aconitifolia (Shredded Umbrella Plant), which is hardy

So, here's what I bought.

Helleborus 'Peppermint Ice', Helleborus 'Charlotte' (she of the enormous blooms), Saxifraga 'Early Pink Heart', two Delosperma 'Firespinner' (pink and orange flowers)

Saxifraga 'Early Pink Heart'

Fatsia japonica

Juniperus squamata 'Floriant'

Agave 'Baccarat' and Yucca filamentosa 'Color Guard'

The plant itself was looking just a bit beaten up, but I just love those filaments! I should  have bought two.

 Have you bought any new plants recently?


  1. Love those hellebores! I have a 'Major Wheeler' honeysuckle on order – and one unsuspecting climbing rose that needs to find a new home. That will have to tide me over for a while. But Canada Blooms is coming soon, so… stay tuned.

  2. Those are beautiful, you can always try for fewer next year. An agave that's okay with colder, wetter weather is a better choice for your area. I look forward to seeing how it does through the next winter.

  3. I think you did quite well in your purchases, it must have been difficult to eliminate so many to get to this number! I think my favorite that you got is the, Floriant with its multicolor..very different and pretty!

    It's windy here too, our lights are even flickering! It started getting strong right after you left your comment!

  4. I did the same thing measuring my hand against that Hellebore! I couldn't believe the size of the flowers! You found some great plants. I was really good this year and didn't buy any, but I did get some garden art :)

  5. I was also tempted by that big hellebore but decided not to buy one because the line was so long. It was sure a lot of fun meeting you and walking around the show together!

  6. The only difference between my plant buying and yours is that I know I'm sling to be bad, so I just go with it! Oh ya....and you bought more plants than me!!! Love that agave...

  7. I am amazed at your restraint, Alison, there are so many beautiful plants showcased here and it would be very, very difficult to only choose a few. Love the hellebores, the flower size is absolutely amazing. The juniper is very attractive, I have a thing for the dwarf conifers. It's a good thing I didn't attend the show, we'd be broke!

  8. I would go broke buying plants at that show! What a selection. We don't have that many plants at our shows.

  9. A vow not to buy anything?!! Who could resist? So glad you got the hellebore with the big blooms! Wow! And I love that Floriant. I've not ever seen anything like that. What a beautiful accent plant!

  10. Nice addition to your garden, Alison! Fatsia japonica is my love. I have four of them and I want more. This time, I bought only some garden tools and succulents. Well, and some souvenirs for my friends, and supports for tall plants.

  11. The Hellebores with the the scattered red dots are very appealing. I was enthralled with the Tiger Eyes Abutilons with abundant blooms, looking like swirled Turkish lanterns, last year at the fair but the one I bought just didn't seem to keep the blossoms on very long and was not watered enough over winter in the house.:-( My recent additions are 5 Goldenrod cultivars and a Persicaria Dimity, featured on my WildFlower Wednesday post. Lovely photos of the plants...


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