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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sculptures and Other Garden Art -- Woodinville Garden Tour

Hold onto your hats, there's a lot to see! (Hope no one gets bored.)

I loved this little sculpture of cat and kitten sleeping in the columbine. I have a great fondness for cats. I have two, but they seldom go outside, so I don't talk about them much. (I like dogs, but Nigel is allergic)

I'm not a big fan of most garishly painted garden gnomes, but I like this one, cuddling with a sleeping kitty.

This birdhouse tree is cool, a good way to use an old dead tree.

At first glance I thought this kitty was real.

This one was!

She was friendly, but desperate to get in the house, away from the people.

An interesting take on the proverbial pink flamingo.

This cluster of leaves on pipes is meant to look like a real Gunnera.

Bambi and his mom?

Frog prince leaping beside a stream

Sometimes crocs in the garden can be a bit kitschy, but this one works. Rather creepy.

Chess, anyone?

Sometimes just a piece of driftwood can make a statement.

When the stream is flooding, I bet this life-size nymph looks like she is rising out of the water.

Looks like this boy has caught a frog in the stream!

Bathing beauty beside a pond.

I didn't realize until I looked at my photo -- this life-size fairy looks like she's flying.

Hoping for some rare PNW sunshine.

If you sit next to him, maybe Mark Twain will read to you.

Art in the Japanese garden was minimal, as it should be. Stone and metal lanterns.

This interesting stack of stones was suspended in a tree.

The front door was the most ornate thing in the garden.

In the Japanese garden, the big stones were really the only art the garden needed.


  1. Maybe it's my iPad, but I'm not seeing any pictures. They are just white boxes with a blue question mark icon in them ..... :(

    I will try again on the p.c. a little bit later this morning ......

  2. Alison, wow, what a lot of sculpture, and no way was I bored! I was doing double takes on the cats in the garden, I thought the one on the stone wall was real and the same with the deer. Glad the croc wasn't real...yikes! I thought the gunnera was a plant, too until I saw the stems...and the bronze statues, well, be still my heart. They are sited very nicely. Oh, to sit with Mark Twain and have him read me Huck Finn would be a dream come true.

  3. I see all but one photo. Missing is the one between "Hoping for some sunshine" and Mark Twain.

    I have a strong affection for cats too so those photos were my favorites. I bet those rocks suspended from a tree limb were to train the branch. This is done a lot with bonsai. I love the rocks of the Japanese garden and the driftwood too. What fun! Great pics!

  4. I loved this, Alison and did not find it at all lengthy! In fact, I felt it ended too soon :(

    The real cat was a beauty with those marvellous eyes! I loved the Mark Twain sculpture and of course the rocks and driftwood captured my attention instantly. The second picture you took of the nymph is beautifully composed! The deer looked very realistic and I really liked the quirkiness of the birdhouse tree!

  5. Bored . . . never! My favorites were the cats - the croc, I can live without.

  6. Very pretty garden art, I especially liked the take on the pink flamingo.

  7. My favorite was the real cat. :) What a beauty!


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