Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday Vignette

For today's Wednesday Vignette, I'm sharing an image that struck me recently when I was in my front garden weeding. I happened to glance up into the branches of a dark-leaved ninebark and noticed the distinctly bell-shaped flowers of a dainty Clematis that I had planted at its base a couple of years ago. It's in an out-of-the-way spot, facing my neighbor's driveway, and I seldom venture there, maybe once or  twice a year, mostly just to weed (since I have to stand IN my neighbor's driveway to do so, and that makes me feel conspicuous, as if I'm trespassing.) I had long ago assumed the Clematis had died.

I guess it was just biding its time.

It was a delightful little surprise.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day -- July 2016

There are still plenty of flowers blooming in my garden right now, although things have slowed down from the spring frenzy. But the blooms making the biggest, boldest impression at the moment are the lilies, both the true lilies and the daylilies. So that's what I'm showcasing today.

This large clump is perfuming the entire front garden

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday Vignette

This week's Wednesday Vignette is a photo of a bloom that I intended to include in last week's Bloom Day post, but I forgot that I had taken it. So, it has become fodder for this week's vignette.

Rosa glauca

Rosa glauca is the only rose that grows in my garden. For the most part they're just too fussy for me. I like this simple, undemanding rose with its bluish leaves. I do have Rosa sericea pteracantha, the wingthorn rose, languishing in a pot, still waiting for me to dig a hole for it, so one day, maybe this year, I'll have two roses growing in my garden.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and a Series of Wednesday Vignettes

For both Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and Wednesday Vignette, which this week fall on the same day, I offer both a smattering of current blooms and a series of vignettes. Many months, bloggers, me included, use Bloom Day to catalog what blooms when, to contrast and compare what is blooming this year with what has bloomed in past years. Of course, neurotic person that I am, I worry that can too often deteriorate into a tediously long post full of boring pictures that have appeared over and over.

So, here you go. Hopefully, you won't be bored.

One of these is Woodlander's Hardy, but I don't know if it's this one...

Or this one...

When I redid the front garden, I added lots of lilies with this color scheme, but I promptly forgot all their names

I need more species milkweed

Lobelia tupa is so alien, it looks like a painting of a flower

Himalayan honeysuckle

Tradescantia 'Bilberry Ice'

Cupid's Dart

Alstroemeria and bug with color-matched thorax

Volunteer foxglove

Eremurus -- note the bottom of the bloom, burnt to a crisp after our recent heat wave

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday Vignette -- Procrastination Pays Off...A Year Later

Last year I bought a couple of annual poppies to plant in the front garden..somewhere. I never did get around to it, and I left them in a holding spot near the greenhouse door, where they flowered and went to seed.

As a result, this year I get to admire their one and only progeny, which is thriving in the gravel, amongst the pots where I am once again gathering things I plan to plant out...somewhere.

I don't remember its name -- I think I'll just call it 'Long Tall Drink of Water'
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Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Monday Miscellany

Happy Memorial Day!

Here are some miscellaneous recent pictures of my garden.

View of the front garden -- only 2 years ago this was a large expanse of grass that sloped up to the street

One corner of the front garden recycled concrete wall

Thrift store glass plate flower with cloisonne butterfly

Achillea 'Moonshine'

Hebe 'Quicksilver' with Sedum 'Angelina'


Euphorbia self-sown into gravel


Iochroma 'Ashcott Red'

Clematis flowers winding through purple smoke bush foliage

Arbutus unedo compacta leaves in low late afternoon sun
Tetrapanax leaf
Hardy Geranium

Patch of multi-colored self-sown Nigella damascena

Pink California poppy

Blue Flax

Peonies laying down on the job

Erysimum, Pacific Coast Iris, California poppies, and way in back, out of focus, Persian cornflower


Kniphofia blooming already (I think of them as hot summer flowers)

Ditto lilies