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Friday, July 1, 2011

I Have Tomatoes!

OK, they're still green.
Red Siberian (62 days to harvest)

And they're tiny....

Glacier (65 days to harvest)

But....I have tomatoes! Now it just remains to be seen which one tastes the best. And which one ripens first.

Interestingly, the two tomatoes are on two of my determinate plants in pots, with wall-o-waters.

I just discovered the tomatoes today, when I finally turned the WOWs down and spilled some of the water out of them so I could trim the lower leaves.
The others are looking good, they have plenty of flowers.

I really thought the first fruit would be on one of these determinates that is at the South end of the house in good sun, with lots of reflected heat from the river rock they're sitting on.

Or from the indeterminates in the hoophouse, where they are certainly getting tall and flowering, but no fruit set yet.

If I can just avoid the late blight that plagued all my tomatoes last year, I will be sooooo happy.