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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ponds, Streams, and Water Features

I think every garden on the Woodinville Garden Tour had some kind of water feature, stream or pond. Sometimes more than one.

This very new garden had a couple of streams, and this waterfall, as well as a drainage ditch that was landscaped and lined with rocks.

The drainage ditch

I could do something like this.

This peaceful little oasis was tucked away and hidden.

One of the delights for me on garden tours is finding all these wonderful gems.

A second hidden waterfall and little pond.

Perhaps not really a water feature, rain chains seem to be increasing in popularity. I've seen quite a few on tours. So much prettier than a vinyl or metal downspout.

This garden had a natural stream running through it, which they made the most of without destroying its beauty.

This little pond was up on the stream bank (the stream is just beyond that line of rocks). I wasn't sure if it was separate, or if they had diverted some of the water from the stream.

This pond and waterfall was on another part of the property (it was many acres).

This large property also had a sunken garden with a very European feel to it, with this fountain as a centerpiece. There were also numerous life-size bronze sculptures scattered throughout (a future post).

This garden had no grass in front, just many small beds, bisected by paths and this stream, headed by a stone bubbler.

A small pond at the other end.

I loved this simple birdbath.

The Japanese garden had a teahouse, with this pond that ran underneath it, full of koi and very deep.

What do you want to see next? Sculptures and interesting garden art? Or flowers?