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Friday, December 16, 2016

Foliage Followup -- December 2016

For Foliage Followup I'm sharing some shots of foliage that is not pretty, but, to my eye, interesting. I'm always intrigued at this time of year to actually find foliage that is dried up and crisp, rather than soggy, given how very much rain we get in the fall and winter. By rights, everything should be brown mush, and a lot of stuff is. But this red twig dogwood, which didn't get enough water this summer, turned dry early, and the leaves have been hanging on for a long time, refusing to drop off. They're curled up and twisted into such fascinating and kind of beautiful shapes.

Pam at Digging hosts Foliage Followup on the sixteenth of every month, the day after Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Check out her post here.