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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

First Frost

We had our first frost last night. Although yesterday morning we technically had some big fat flakes of snow falling, the air temperature didn't actually go below freezing, and the snow melted on contact with the ground and didn't stick. But last night the temperatures went down to at least 31, maybe lower (the thermometer said 31 at 7:30, just before sunrise, when we left for the train station).

Frost always reminds me of sugar crystals

Lots of water droplets frozen in place

Water frozen in its course on a Tetrapanax leaf

Like the water, my work in the garden is at a standstill until the temperatures warm up a bit. I'll probably be back out there once we get temps that are steadily in the 40s, even if it's raining.


  1. I don't think we got below freezing last night but I anticipate that we will tonight.

  2. I was too lazy to go out and take photos this morning. We got a little dusting of snow overnight and it hung around for a couple hours this morning. The coldest temp. I saw here was 32.

  3. It is very pretty - it's too bad it causes such damage.

  4. No pretty frost here that I could see, but frozen nonetheless.
    Tom has a rule. It has to be above 40 for home to work outside. He spent time in the greenhouse instead.

  5. Frost is always so glamorous and beautiful in your garden, Alison. You have such a way with photography; even though frost signals the end of the growing season, you showcase its beauty so well.


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