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Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Long Time Ago in a Land Far, Far Away

At Christmastime, people often look back at previous Chrismases and share memories of people and events thst were fun. I thought I'd share a Christmas that happened when our son Iain was little.

We spent Christmas in England with Nigel's parents in 1985 when Iain was 3 years old. Here are  some photos from that Christmas day.

"Santa came!" -- Oops, sorry "Father Christmas came!"

"Open it, Dad!"

Sitting in Nigel's mum's lap

Playing with noisemakers on the stairs with Nigel's dad

About to pull a Christmas cracker

I don't know what they're both looking at, but they're very engrossed in whatever it is

I think back on that time now with incredulity. I was almost 30, and I had decided I wanted to know what an English Christmas was like, so that I could understand what kind of celebration my husband had grown up with. So we basically invaded my in-law's home for the entire month of December.

I am now the age they were then. I can't imagine what it would be like to have house guests with a young child running amok in my house for an entire month now that I'm in my 60s. I thought I was doing them a great favor, letting them get to know their grandson better, as he was being raised so far away in the U.S. I realize now how stressful it must have been for them.

Perspective is everything.


  1. By the looks on your in-law's faces, they seem to have been completely delighted with their grandson, if not with a month of visitors. What a cute little boy!

    Perspective, yes. That is the so much of the difference between youth and age--that and hormones. Happy Christmas, Alison.

  2. I remember spending a Christmas with my friends family in the Midlands around the same year. We sat around opening presents ….my face when I opened mine …it was a shower cap. They did grow during the war to be fair .

  3. They might have been glad to have their house back but probably also cherished those memories. :o)

  4. They may have been tired, but I bet they treasured it immensely. Merry Christmas.

  5. They may have been tired, but I bet they treasured it immensely. Merry Christmas.

  6. There's no one more wonderful than a 3-year old at Christmas! They're old enough to truly appreciate the delights of the season with the greediness or cynicism that can come with age. I'm sure the visit created positive memories all around.

  7. It's a fine balance between wanting the closeness and resisting the invasion. I suspect most grandparents experience this.

  8. Precious memories. Looks like Nigel's parents didn't too much mind the invasion. Merry Christmas, pal!

  9. I agree that it appears your in-laws got lots of joy from your visit. Wonderful photographs.


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