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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bugging Out II

For Wednesday Vignette, here's another shot of an insect that I took on a pre-frost, pre-snow tour of the garden several weeks ago, at the end of November -- a fly checking out the Sputnik-like blooms on the variegated Fatsia japonica. Just in case you're wondering -- no, I did not become the little old lady who swallowed a fly.

But after this Christmas, I may have become the little old lady who swallowed

Too. Many. Cookies.

Anna at Flutter & hum hosts Wednesday Vignette. Check out her post here.


  1. That fly has a great taste - Fatsia j. blooms are surreal!
    P.S. ...cookies, tarts, cakes, cookies... did I say cookies....

  2. Another great photo, Alison. After running on a sugar high for days (my brother and his girlfriend brought me maple sugar candies), I'm trying (semi-successfully) to cut back. How can one hide a box from oneself I wonder?

  3. I like the flower, but the insect not so much.

    Too many cookies? Here it is See's Candy. But once a year is okay, isn't it?

  4. Haha - I know all about the holiday binge. Chocolate is the big one over here. Those minty Lindt balls are lethal... Almost as good as Fatsia balls!

  5. Nice photo! I avoided holiday binging this year. Past years I would be scarfing fudge, cookies, and other sweets by the handful, but I just can't stand much of it anymore.

  6. Great shot pal! If we weren't supposed to eat too many cookies, etc. this time of year, they wouldn't magically appear all over the place. The universe is just giving us what we need. Besides, the Christmas cookie scarf-a-thon, gives us a handy resolution for the new year, right. BTW, Christmas (legal cookie time) doesn't end until 12th night on Jan 6 and really Chinese new year is Jan 28 this year so eat on! Who are we to go against these centuries-old holiday dates?

  7. We made cookies last night, the ones we didn't eat right away were supposed to go with everybody as they flew to their respective homes. Sadly we left our share in the kitchen of our rented cottage.


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