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Monday, December 19, 2016

Early Birthday Celebration

My birthday is coming up soon, so this past weekend Nigel and I went into Seattle to celebrate. We stayed overnight at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, where we stayed in a very nice suite with a sitting room and a separate bedroom.

Executive suite sitting room


View from the window of Puget Sound, the Olympic mountains, and part of the Pike Place Public Market sign

Once we had settled in, we went for a birthday dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse about 5 city blocks away, an old-fashioned steakhouse. I had an old-fashioned surf and turf -- a 6-ounce filet and two lobster tails, with Brussels sprouts and sweet potato casserole. We decided to forego dessert, and that was a good thing too. When we got back to our room, we found that they had been in for turn-down service, and rather than just leaving a single, wrapped chocolate on our pillows, they had left an entire plate full of a variety of delectable sweets.
Me attacking my dinner

Yummy tray of sweets

Nigel also managed to surprise me by sneaking a present into our suitcase without me realizing it. Just a little something, but it was fun to get a gift of socks.  I used to wear just plain white cotton socks, but recently started collecting and wearing colorful, creative and fun socks.

I've only recently started collecting and wearing fun socks

After a good night's sleep, we arose and went down to breakfast at the hotel's Georgian Restaurant, where I had steel-cut oatmeal with cinnamon sugar, Devonshire cream, and sliced banana, and Nigel had corned beef hash with two poached eggs, sweet peppers and Poblano verde with sourdough toast.

View from our table of the Georgian Restaurant

We followed up breakfast with a movie -- Rogue One at the Pacific Place Cinema. Some of you may know that Nigel works for The Walt Disney Company. One of the nice little perks is free movie outings to some of the biggest, newly released movies, like Rogue One, Moana, many of the Marvel movies, etc. Anyway, we enjoyed the movie, and it was a perfectly timed outing for celebrating my birthday!

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel, checked out and came back home.

Saying good-bye to the Seahawks-bedecked brass cats outside the Fairmont Olympic doors -- it was very cold in town, the coldest night of the year, in fact!