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Friday, April 29, 2016

Random Disney Friday

For your Friday amusement, here are a bunch of random shots from our recent Disney World vacation.

Mickey Mouse caps on the shampoo and conditioner bottles

Nigel under a Philodendron leaf (I think)

View down the hall from our room
I'm enamored of Minnie -- we had them ship one of these plaques home to us.

Vertical garden inside the door of the Festival Center

Bed full of riotous color just outside the Festival Center -- those red flowers on the left are Amaryllis in the ground

I attended a talk on Unusual Tropical Flowers, and the giveaway was this tiny orchid and black pot -- I didn't want the hassle of bringing it home and trying to keep it alive, so I gave it away to the guy sitting beside me
I have no clue what this tropical plant is, but I love it!

Aren't the flowers cool?

Bismarck palms at EPCOT

A river of orange flowering Bromeliads

Coontie/Zamia floridana cones

Colorful terra cotta containers at the Italy pavilion at EPCOT

Agave getting ready to devour a trash can outside the Mexico pavilion

Dragon made of Bromeliads at the garden in the China pavilion

A nozzle inside the dragon's mouth spurted mist -- and is that an Agave on his head?

Water lily and Lotus in the China pavilion garden

Buddha's Belly Bamboo

Not what most people think of as pot feet -- we had them ship one of these home to us

Display in the bonsai shop -- they also sold carnivorous plants and Tillandsias

I brought that adorable little green pot home in my carry-on

Lady and the Tramp -- love her feather grass ears

Display in the topiary shop

I'm kicking myself that I didn't figure out how to get this Minnie topiary home -- I thought it might be too big to ship
Salvia, Coreopsis and Snapdragons

Berlandiera(?) and Pentas(?)

This what straw flowers look like for real -- when not glued to the top of a cactus

Tropical Hibiscus

Gerbera daisy and lots of Florida sunshine
Have a fabulous weekend!