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Friday, April 29, 2016

Random Disney Friday

For your Friday amusement, here are a bunch of random shots from our recent Disney World vacation.

Mickey Mouse caps on the shampoo and conditioner bottles

Nigel under a Philodendron leaf (I think)

View down the hall from our room
I'm enamored of Minnie -- we had them ship one of these plaques home to us.

Vertical garden inside the door of the Festival Center

Bed full of riotous color just outside the Festival Center -- those red flowers on the left are Amaryllis in the ground

I attended a talk on Unusual Tropical Flowers, and the giveaway was this tiny orchid and black pot -- I didn't want the hassle of bringing it home and trying to keep it alive, so I gave it away to the guy sitting beside me
I have no clue what this tropical plant is, but I love it!

Aren't the flowers cool?

Bismarck palms at EPCOT

A river of orange flowering Bromeliads

Coontie/Zamia floridana cones

Colorful terra cotta containers at the Italy pavilion at EPCOT

Agave getting ready to devour a trash can outside the Mexico pavilion

Dragon made of Bromeliads at the garden in the China pavilion

A nozzle inside the dragon's mouth spurted mist -- and is that an Agave on his head?

Water lily and Lotus in the China pavilion garden

Buddha's Belly Bamboo

Not what most people think of as pot feet -- we had them ship one of these home to us

Display in the bonsai shop -- they also sold carnivorous plants and Tillandsias

I brought that adorable little green pot home in my carry-on

Lady and the Tramp -- love her feather grass ears

Display in the topiary shop

I'm kicking myself that I didn't figure out how to get this Minnie topiary home -- I thought it might be too big to ship
Salvia, Coreopsis and Snapdragons

Berlandiera(?) and Pentas(?)

This what straw flowers look like for real -- when not glued to the top of a cactus

Tropical Hibiscus

Gerbera daisy and lots of Florida sunshine
Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. WOW! So I'm assuming you knew this was going on when you booked your trip? It wasn't just a happy coincidence?

    That dragon is fabulous, and I think that's another Bromeliad on his head - not an agave. It looks a lot like one I bought at Rare Plant Research a few years back, no name though.

  2. It's beautiful, you had a wonderful trip. I haven't been there in years and think I might need to go back for the garden festival. Your delicate pink flower is Shell Ginger, quite fragrant and easy to grow.

  3. Sounds like you had a smashingly good time. The pots you got are way fun. Such great topiary. Were you in sensory overload with all of that gorgeous stuff around? My garden needs that dragon!

  4. Well, that was fun!
    I have never known anyone else who has gone to Disney World for a flower show!

  5. I wonder what my husband would say if I asked him to take me to Disneyland to see the plants? Did Disneyland put as much effort into its plant displays when you were there as EPCOT did? I wonder if they ever have a garden festival.

  6. So much to see! It looks like you had a great time! Loree's right, that's another bromeliad on top of the dragon's head. I think it's a young Alcantarea odorata.


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