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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday Vignette

For today's Wednesday Vignette post, I'm sharing a handful of shots that I took on our recent trip to Disney World. I'm working on paring my photos down to a manageable size to share in future posts. But for now, here's a few shots of the Snow White topiary from EPCOT.

If you've ever been to Disney World, then you know that topiaries are a big part of the park landscaping. They're not the kind of thing that I'm inclined to put in my own garden, at least not on this kind of magnificent, life-size or bigger, scale. I did see a shop with some small topiaries, one in particular of Minnie Mouse that tempted me, but getting it home would have been too much of a challenge. It was fun to wander the park and spot the various Disney characters.

Snow White topiary dancing through a bed of flowering annuals

Did you happen to spot the little creature on her arm? When I noticed it, I was reminded of the scene in the movie where she sings and dances her way through cleaning the dwarves' cottage with a bevy of woodland animals. This particular creature, however, doesn't belong in any woodland.

Looks like an anole. They were everywhere in Florida.

Some of the seven dwarves as topiary, also dancing through the annuals

And, just in case you're unfamiliar with the scene I mentioned earlier, here's a video:

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  1. the faces and arms exactness, they carry the entire topiary, and are a form of cheating in the world of real topiary i would guess. that said, although disney parks are so full of plastic and fake, they do also landscape with actual living plants. your photos of the anole make it real and wonderful. having no interest in going to a disney park until i have a grandchild, i am in for a long long wait.

    1. You don't need to bring a child with you to enjoy Disney World, you just have to remember to bring the child within you. You have pretty strong opinions about a place you've never been. Yep, they do landscape with actual living plants. Lots sand lots and lots of them.

  2. The details at Disney are always so fascinating. That we wouldn't pull this off at home is what makes a trip to a Disney park such a fun escape. Can't wait to see the rest of your photos. If I remember correctly, Nigel works for Disney so I'm sure you had a extra great time bringing out your inner child.

  3. It's funny how, when I go to a zoo or an amusement park kind of place, I notice the plants most.

  4. I haven't been to EPCOT but the topiaries look like fun. Catching the hitch-hiking anole in your shot was a stroke of luck too - it adds that extra touch of magic. If you ever make it down to San Diego, you might want to check out the succulent topiaries at the botanic garden (if you haven't already seen them).

  5. Oh, those are so much fun, Alison! I really would love to take a topiary class - I wonder how in the world they do it - they are so cool!

  6. These are way cool to see but can you imagine the amount of maintenance they require? My garden staff would revolt!


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