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Thursday, April 14, 2016

No More Yucky Yucca

Readers may remember last spring, I dug up my three Yucca 'Bright Star' from the gravel garden and put them in pots, in an attempt to keep them from getting the dreaded "Yuccacne." I wrote about it here. It was actually a suggestion from my buddy Peter The Outlaw Gardener that prompted this. In past years the Yuccas have come out of the winter wet looking rather dreadful, their leaves covered in disgusting spots caused by a fungus (I think).

I think it worked.

The pots sat all winter under the protected front porch. I don't think I watered them at all for three or four months. They might have gotten a bit of rain, if it blew in sideways.

Looking good!

These are the only acne spots

There's even a bit of pink stress coloration

Peter's idea was definitely a win!