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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wednesday Vignette

One last picture from the recent Northwest Flower and Garden Festival. This is from West Seattle Nursery's spa garden "Wabi-Sabi, Embrace Flawed Beauty," which won a multitude of awards at the show.

Although I won't be planting the marginally hardy Acacia cognata 'Cousin Itt' (there was a lot of it in this garden, you can just see it on the left) any time soon in my garden, I will definitely be trying this combo of Fritillarias and black mondo grass.

Anna at Flutter & Hum hosts Wednesday Vignette. Check out her post here.


  1. So many great things about that garden! It's always sad to think that the show gardens only exist for a week and then vanish. I guess that's the way of all gardens really and makes the time we have in them precious.

  2. For a moment I thought this vignette was from your garden, and maybe it will be by next year. This proves yet again that everything goes well with black (mondo grass).

  3. It's a lovely combination. What made it "flawed beauty"?

    1. I don't know. Wabi-Sabi usually refers to something that has been broken and been mended, but there didn't seem to be anything broken about this garden, and it didn't have many flaws given how many awards it won. Other PNW bloggers have posted more photos of the over-all garden from the show, which you may have already seen. This was the one that had the spa with the backdrop of Tillandsias that looked like spiders.

  4. I loved that vignette when I saw it at the show!

  5. That's lovely! I really need to plant more of those little Fritillarias. One of my favorite bulbs!

  6. Wow, Black Mondo with THAT Fritillaria!! That one seems particularly neon (or maybe I haven't looked too hard for them...yet!). Love their title about embracing flawed beauty. Sweet plant combo vignette.


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