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Friday, February 2, 2018

Give 'Em Hell -- ebores

Can you take some more Hellebore pictures? After my trip to Molbak's in search of a black Hellebore, which I found (see my post here), I realized I also had a rewards certificate for Watson's in Puyallup, so of course I had to trot over there as well (not the same day, a couple of days later -- please, I'm not quite that bad). There's not a lot of overlap in product, although after a while, Hellebores do tend to start to look the same.

I didn't get a name for this plummy one, but look how enormous those flowers are

'Jacob' from the Helleborus Gold Collection

It looks like they open white and age to a blotchy pink

Here's 'Ice N' Roses Red' again -- seriously, I should just buy one -- or maybe six

'Madame LeMonnier'


'Monte Cristo' also from the Gold Collection -- look at those sexy parts! Like fireworks! I think they should have called this one 'Sex Pistil'

I didn't buy a Hellebore, though. I bought these two matching Bromeliads -- Neoregelia 'Jeannie'

I hope that if you haven't bought plants yet, that you are at least champing at the bit to start.