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Friday, February 2, 2018

Give 'Em Hell -- ebores

Can you take some more Hellebore pictures? After my trip to Molbak's in search of a black Hellebore, which I found (see my post here), I realized I also had a rewards certificate for Watson's in Puyallup, so of course I had to trot over there as well (not the same day, a couple of days later -- please, I'm not quite that bad). There's not a lot of overlap in product, although after a while, Hellebores do tend to start to look the same.

I didn't get a name for this plummy one, but look how enormous those flowers are

'Jacob' from the Helleborus Gold Collection

It looks like they open white and age to a blotchy pink

Here's 'Ice N' Roses Red' again -- seriously, I should just buy one -- or maybe six

'Madame LeMonnier'


'Monte Cristo' also from the Gold Collection -- look at those sexy parts! Like fireworks! I think they should have called this one 'Sex Pistil'

I didn't buy a Hellebore, though. I bought these two matching Bromeliads -- Neoregelia 'Jeannie'

I hope that if you haven't bought plants yet, that you are at least champing at the bit to start.


  1. Nice bromeliad find! I got a couple hellebores at Watson's a month ago but that's been the extent of my plant buying this year. With the house, greenhouse, and garden full of plants and the begonias in the basement just about ready to break dormancy, I haven't felt the need to add more. The NWFG Orgy will probably change that.

  2. This time of year, when blooms are scarce, there is no such thing as too many hellebores. Sex Pistil and NWFG orgy... you are on a roll!

  3. You know I am!!! Actually, I did see the 'Ice n Roses' hellebore on my trip to Orange County earlier this week. I was tempted but, with no rain in sight, decided that adding another hellebore to my garden would be just plain mean to the plant.

  4. While I always enjoy looking t plants, I have no desire to but any yet. I don't want them sitting around waiting, and I don't like planting them in winter. I can wait.

  5. "Haven't bought plants yet" is that even possible?

  6. Hi Alison. Glad you see you're still as plant-addicted as ever. :) I'm so ready for spring. Nice bromeliads.

  7. Love the title! Wish I had thought of it!

  8. I agree with Jason, that is a clever title!


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