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Monday, February 26, 2018

In A Vase on Monday

I was a bit worried that our snow and cold weather was going to stick around for much longer and affect my ability to cut flowers from the garden, but a little warmer weather and rain moved in just in time on Saturday to melt almost all the snow. I managed to get out and cut some Hellebores, which is what I had wanted to cut last week for my first IaVoM post. They work just as well this week.

It's a different vase than last week, (a cheaper, unmarked thrift store one), but pretty enough, and the right height and color to go with the blooms.

It's a very simple combo of Hellebores and sweet box

As I looked at it sitting behind my sink in the kitchen window, I realized that I couldn't really see into the Hellebore flowers. Although it's a variety that holds its flowers more upright than most (either Penny's Pink or Anna's Red, I can never tell the difference), it still needed to be a bit higher. So I upended one of my cat's dishes under it.

Overturned cat dish for height

Now I can see into these pretty blooms

I tried to choose a few sweet box branches that still had black berries for just a bit of contrast
Most of the scent of my sweet box out in the garden seems to have dissipated. I had to strip all the lower open flowers from these stems and I'm hoping that the tiny upper blooms will open eventually and add some scent to the room.

I discarded everything from last week's upstairs vase arrangement, but the one downstairs had undergone an interesting change.

The Monstera leaves had turned yellow!

I had to keep them and use them somehow in another vase. I tried to work them into the Hellebores, but quickly realized that just didn't go. Fortunately I had a single stem of Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer' blooming out in the greenhouse that fit in perfectly.

Even closer, just in case you are also wondering what we like to read (Guess who reads what?)

Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer'

I'm having a lot of fun cutting flowers for this meme, and I fear it is going to get addictive. Cathy at Rambling in the Garden hosts In A Vase on Monday. Check out Cathy's post here, and see what she and other bloggers are plonking in vases for today. And think about participating too!


  1. That's an impressive vase of hellebores, the container is a perfect color for the blooms. I worry that kitty will go hungry now that you've stolen his bowl. Love your yellow arrangement too, that alstroemeria works so well with the newly-colored leaves.

  2. I love your "fix" to add height to the vase. Hardly worth cutting Hellebores if you still can't see into them. And those big yellow leaves are stunning.

  3. You must either have an extremely large plant or you could not resist cutting all the blooms...they are gorgeous.

    1. Luckily, I have 7 plants of this same variety, all planted in a row. They've been in the ground for about 5 or 6 years, so some of them are quite large clumps by now. I only took one or two stems from each to get a nice big bunch!

  4. I think you have invented a new hellebore vase shape - you should patent it! And you certainly have the blooms to put in it. I have a 'sweet box' in my blog too - although in my case it is a term of endearment for an ordinary Buxus rather than referring to the lovelier Sarcocca.

  5. This vase is lovely and just right for your HUGE bunch of Hellebores. Using the bowl to raise it is inspired. IAVOM is addictive but only in a good way and does not harm your health.

  6. A mass of hellebores - I'm SO envious! I have one 'Anna's Red', usually one of two hellebores I can count on blooming but neither have chosen to do so this year. I'm blaming the sad lack of rain. Nice to see a bloom on the Alstroemeria too - that's another genus that seems to be sulking over the lack of rain here.

  7. Oh it is definitely addictive, Alison - you have been warned! Your hellebores are gorgeous (I now have Anna's Red too, but she is still fairly tiny) and I love the shape of the pink vase, with or without the bowl underneath! So interesting to sneak a look at your bookshelf too!

  8. Hellebores are such lovely flowers. I do wish they would show their faces better and not hide their loveliness.
    Good job on the arrangements.

  9. I thought the same thing as Stasher, how could she cut all those flowers? I’m impressed that you planted them all so many years ago, so that the current you could enjoy them indoors.

  10. It is definitely an addictive meme, and I think it gives great pleasure to everyone who participates. Love your Hellebores - what bounty to be able to pick so many! The yellowed leaf is perfect with the Alstroemeria I am still wanting to purchase some of these plants.

  11. Beautiful color those hellebores have. At first glance I thought those were camellias (the sarcococca greens threw me off). Good thing you thought of elevating them (cool trick); that is one thing about hellebores that always bums me out...
    Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer' is stunning.


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