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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wednesday Vignette

For my Wednesday Vignette this week, I'm sharing just a couple of miscellaneous bits and pieces from the Vintage Garden Market at last week's Northwest Flower and Garden Festival.

Can you give me a hand? No? How about a leg up?

I might have bought this child-size English bobby, but $78 was a bit steep
Anna at Flutter & Hum hosts Wednesday Vignette every Wednesday. Check out her post here.


  1. You always see stuff I miss. Some of those legs might have come home with me. Fun!

  2. Right behind the bobby is a golfer with golf clubs under an umbrella, waiting for the rain to stop... it almost came home with me, a gift for my own golfer friend, except he doesn't like knickknacks.

  3. Thanks for posting some shots from the show. Wish I could have been there! It's always so much fun! Great legs - I would have been tempted...

  4. The basket of legs is so you and Peter!

  5. Ha! These photos fit your sense of humor perfectly.

  6. Now you're pulling my leg! A whole bunch of legs!


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