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Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Back in January I posted about my plans for the new cutting garden that I created from one of my old raised vegetable beds. I had started sowing seeds in it under plastic berry container cloches, and with our warmer than normal January I had sprouts from the Lupine Russell mix by the bgeinning of February.

Sprouts first detected on February 6

With our recent very cold weather, I wondered and worried how those little sprouts with their seed leaves would do under snow and with night-time temperatures that went down into the low 20s (22 degrees Fahrenheit on at least one night).

Well, the snow has melted and it's a bit warmer, although still going down near frost each night.

But those little babies are doing just fine!

Baby Lupines doing fine!

There'll be a whole row of them

Come late spring, expect a whole row of them in the cutting garden, multicolored Lupine flowers all singing and disco-dancing to Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive!"


  1. Your lupines are tough! Glad that they weren't singing this version!

  2. I'm inspired - so I sowed some flower seeds this morning! Looking forward to seeing these.

  3. Tough little babies. I'm amazed the plastic stayed in place through the recent weather events. I sure hope we'll be on a warming trend soon so you can set them free.

  4. Who'd have thought they would be so tough. Well done your lupins will be lovely. It's only since I've been blogging that I learn you spell them with an 'e'. How do you pronounce them?

  5. You've inspired me! This is great. Saving salad container cloches now... AND singing Gloria Gainor!

  6. I love those Russell hybrid lupines! I succeeded in getting a few flower stalks in my old garden but have felt it hopeless to even try them here. I look forward to the prospect of seeing some of those in a future vase.

  7. Wow. Impressive little survivors indeed.

  8. Yay for survivors, and damn, I love that song. The only seeds I’ve bought this year are my sugar snap flowers yet! Hmm...

  9. Hurrah for the valiant lupines! Though do they ever make you think of Dennis Moore riding through the glen?

    1. I had to Google that, Jason! Thanks for the laugh. That's one Monty P sketch I wasn't familiar with.

  10. This is great! I have a ton of them saved after last year's seed starting fiasco. Between the turkeys, birds, mice, and yellow jackets, my first run of outdoor sowing was a wash, so I moved into the greenhouse. Again, seeds disappeared, seedlings were eaten, and I was ready to go shopping for a shotgun. Then, I tried for a third time, planting in these containers, inside the greenhouse, then moved them out when the weather permitted. It worked like a charm! So I've been saving them all winter, and have been given some, as well. I shall flip them and get some poppies going!


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