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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day -- October 2016

It's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day but there's not really much out in the garden that's still flowering. At the moment, things are a very soggy, wind blown mess, because of the storms blowing through like an out-of-control train. We don't get hurricanes here on the west coast, but we do get the remnants of tropical typhoons, which are the Pacific Ocean version of a hurricane. This weekend we are getting a one-two punch of two storms back to back, the second of which is going to hit us this afternoon. It's the remnants of Typhoon Songda. We're expecting heavy rain and wind.

So I took these pictures in anticipation a few days ago, when our weather was still crisp and sunny -- like most people think of autumn. (Here in the PNW autumn means stormy and wet).

An Aloe blooming in the greenhouse

Golden rattail cactus (Cleistocactus winteri) is preparing to flower, so I just had to include it, it's a first for me

Here's what I found out in the actual garden -- not much.

A few ornamental Oregano blooms hanging on, the rest are brown and papery

A little rebloom on Achillea 'Moonshine'

Fuchsia magellanica never stops from early spring to autumn frost

A handful of California poppies are reblooming too

Pennisetum 'Redhead' is going strong

And that's it!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, check out her post here, where you'll find links from other garden bloggers around the world.


  1. Have you battened down the hatches? Stay safe today Alison! Thanks for the lovely photos.

  2. Normally our autumn is stormy and wet too, but until now we are enjoying a rather long time of calm sunny days.
    Can you leave that ornamental Oregano in the garden in winter?
    I had this one a few times, but it only survives in the greenhouse and that's even difficult.

  3. Yes, I wonder if I have any blooms left outside too, Alison. What you have here is lovely, though! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I picked some dahlias before the rains came. by the time we get back out into the garden it will be time to slash and yank, I fear.

  5. Hooray for your first rat tail cactus buds! I often think of adding more plants for autumn bloom but then realize that about now is when the garden is only a place to visit on weekends. In addition to the big storm today, it looks like we won't see the sun again until the end of the month. Yuk.

  6. Hope the worst of the storm passes you by.

    I had forgotten just how a rattail cactus looked. Mama used to grow that. I don't recall blossoms, ever.

    I found some California Poppy seeds this week, saved from 2014. None were in my spring garden and I do love them.

  7. We had the same idea, photograph while it's still sunny. I hope your garden weathers today's storm. Oh and I love your Cleistocactus winteri about to bloom buds, so cool!

  8. I took my photos on Wednesday, too. I know everything would look like shredded drowned rat by the time today rolled around. Actually, despite my anxiety over the garden, things look pretty good so far. Love the golden rattail cactus!

  9. Like everyone else, I must comment on the Golden rattail cactus. Gee whiz! Be sure to share a picture of the flower when it opens.

  10. I would trade all my flowers for your rain. How much did you get, inches? Probably more than we got all year. Hopefully the wind wasn't too destructive.

    Congratulations on the Cleistocactus flowers--you have made the plant happy--great gardening!

  11. I love those flowers on the rattail cactus! While I'd be very happy to get some real rain (we have a 40% chance of getting 0.02 inches of rain late tonight), I wouldn't want a typhoon in the bargain. I hope you and the garden make it through without too much trouble.

  12. Hope you miss the worst of the storm, stay safe and warm!
    The Oregano blooms are so pretty.

  13. How wonderful with that blooming Rat tail cactus!!!! That alone makes up for many lost flowers outside the greenhouse - to me anyway. That's cool!

  14. I didn't know that's what ornamental oregano blooms look like. Not at all what I would expect. The Aloe blooms are quite interesting and attractive.


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