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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Foliage Followup -- October 2016

Here's a few images of the foliage in my garden that struck my fancy for Foliage Followup, hosted by Pam at Digging on the 16th of the month, always the day after Bloom Day.

Little Bluestem and Pheasant Tail grass


Old Syneleisis foliage (you can see why it's called shredded umbrella plant)

Check out the blog Digging here.


  1. I've never heard of shredded umbrella plant, but the name fits. Love the epimedium, too!

  2. Syneleisis foliage dies so gracefully. I'm glad I snagged a couple more at the swap.

  3. I love your speckled epimedium!!

  4. Yes, what is that polkadotted variety called. I have a bit of an epimedium hunger.

  5. Your spotted epimedium is a show stopper and Syneleisis foliage is pretty special too.


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