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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Where's Frankie?

While taking pictures for Bloom Day, I ran into my neighbor's cats playing hide and seek in my garden.

Have you seen Frankie?

I can't find him anywhere!

Maybe he's in this pot.

Not today.

Is he over there?

Is he here?

No, it's just a bunch of poky plants.

Where on earth is Frankie?

Wait! What's that?

Is that you, Frankie?

Sshhh, go away with that camera, you'll give me away.

There he is!

There's Frankie!

Can we have some treats now?

That orange Carex testacea was perfect camouflage.


  1. what a cutie...Frankie and the Carex!

  2. I love these cat posts. They are so cute!

  3. Adorable! How nice of you to plant the orange carex to match the kitties!

  4. A familiar game in my garden too! Both cats are very cute. Butter wouldn't melt, eh?

  5. If there is anything better than hanging out in a garden, it's hanging out in a garden with cats.

  6. I grew up with cats and dogs but only have dogs now due to my husbands allergies. But I do miss them. What a cute guy!

  7. Oh, how cute! I wish my neurotic cat would hang out in the garden with me.

  8. Definitely colour co-ordinated!


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