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Friday, April 3, 2015

Flowers That Might Not Last Till Bloom Day

I figured I better document them now, before they've gone over. In the past, I've been so busy at this time of the year, that I've actually missed many of these.


Pacific Coast Iris 'Fruit Market'

Fritillaria meleagris

White Fritillaria meleagris

Dicentra formosa

Gentiana acaulis

A bee's-eye view

Pink Dodecatheon

White Dodecatheon

Erythronium oregonum

Erythronium 'Pagoda'



  1. I recently found your blog and am really enjoying it. I'm not much of a gardener but I like to know the names of things, and you are excellent at that! Beautiful pictures, too.

  2. So many beauties Alison - those Gentians are gorgeous.

  3. Glad you posted these so they didn't get missed! The cavalcade of blooms this time of year is almost overwhelming!

  4. Prettiest Pacific Coast Iris I've ever seen. I'm glad you caught it for all of us to see.

  5. Wonderful flowers Alison, the Gentians, Dodecatheon and Uvularia are gems, the Iris 'Fruitmarket' most beautiful, a great series of photos of not so common plants.

  6. I love them all and I'm glad you didn't hold off on the photos until mid-month. Oh, how I wish I could grow gentians!

  7. Such beautiful plants and great photos.

  8. Wonderful, fragile beauties, for sure.

  9. Wow, your Gentians are blooming already, so gorgeous! I bought some at Hortlandia last year, and they seem to be still alive, but no signs of flowers yet. The Pacific Coast Irises are a lovely color. Great flowers!

  10. So many gorgeous photos. I second the Gentian comment. Mine don't even have buds yet. How do you capture that color blue so perfectly!? I can never make my camera get it right.

  11. Oh these are some of the loveliest fleeting flowers of spring.


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