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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Moss and Flowers on My 'Forest Pansy' Redbud

Flowers appear first on redbud trees, before the leaves. I've had this Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' for a few years now, having replaced a nasty suckering cherry tree that the previous owners had topped, which oozed sap and always aborted its fruit, with this. This is the first spring since I planted it that I've noticed flowers. I don't know if it was resting since being planted, or if I just wasn't as observant as I think I am. Last year, I did kind of ignore this area of the garden, tucked behind the new greenhouse.

Pink flowers against a blue sky

I love how some of the flowers are just sticking out of the trunk

I love the moss growing on the trunk too

In this spot, I have both moss and flowers

It's a great tree, but it tends to drop a lot of twigs and chunks of bark, which worries me. Pretty twigs, but still. And I wish more of the pretty flowers and leaves (dark purple when it leafs out) were closer to eye-height.


  1. Apparently having moss on barks of trees is a sign of good air quality in your area :)

  2. A great tree for sure and I love the moss and blossoms. I bet that when it leafs out and the sun shines through those purple leaves it's like stained glass.

  3. That's a tree I've long coveted...

  4. I love the Cercis and this is so special flowers and moss together on the bare branches.

  5. Moss and lichen are good for trees as the air is pure for you to breathe! I'm sure it looks beautiful when in full leaf.

  6. I have a Forest Pansy too, they have such amazing foliage, but I had no idea that they bloomed like the lovely Cercis siliquastrum. So far mine has never bloomed but I will keep my eye on it now.


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