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Monday, April 13, 2015

Another New-To-Me Nursery

A couple of weeks ago I headed up to the Kitsap Peninsula for a nursery jaunt the day before the Heronswood Spring Plant Sale. One of the nurseries I wanted to make a point to visit was one I'd never heard of before -- The Roadhouse. During the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, I picked up a little booklet put out by the Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association (WSNLA), which contained lots of lovely coupons from various area nurseries offering everything from 20% off entire purchases to 30% off one nursery item. The Roadhouse in Poulsbo was one of the nurseries that I had a coupon for, and I'd never been there before, so -- no brainer.

Plus, as a die-hard fan of Patrick Swayze, who can resist a nursery with that name?

The primary focus of The Roadhouse started as water gardens and plants for those, so when you arrive, that is the first thing you see. Most of these appeared to be empty, but I think they had newly emerging water lilies in them, which will bloom later in the year.

They also have quite a few tables with perennials and some annuals, as well as a large selection of shrubs and trees.
Tidy and organized, with good signage -- just my style!

Pretty camellia

I was tempted by this variegated climbing hydrangea, but I've already killed this plant twice

Plenty of cool-season edible starts

They were in the process of moving some Hellebores out, which made for a pretty, short-term display

This curly Carex trifida 'Rekohu Sunrise' came home with me

Clematis armandii -- another plant I've killed twice

The nursery has a display garden that features a couple of ponds connected by a stream.

A large Corylus avellana, heavily laden with catkins

A big, beautiful President Roosevelt Rhododendron

Even the weeds in their grass -- English daisies -- were pretty

As I mentioned, tidy surroundings with good signage and well-cared-for plants are just my style in a nursery. The plants were also well marked with prices. I've been to a few disorganized nurseries where it was obvious the plants are not as well taken care of, with non-existent signs and no prices. As an introvert with no people skills and an aversion to confrontation, I don't want to have to ask "How much is this?" because saying no when they tell me the price is a kind of judgment.

What kind of nursery do you prefer? One that's disorganized but crammed full of plants, or one that's tidy almost to the point of OCD? Or somewhere in between?


  1. Ohh tidy over disorganised any time. Also dis organised nurseries tend to have poorly looking plants even if they tend to have more obscure ones. Tidy nurseries make the plant shopping experience extra special. Btw, that's a nice looking nursery worth visiting for their gardens alone especially in the summer I can imagine.

  2. I like tidy nurseries with maybe a bit of clutter in some back greenhouse where most people don't bother going. Prices and labeling are a must as I'd rather not bother asking about every plant. Thanks for taking me to this place, you got some great pictures! I think I missed seeing that cool contorted filbert.

  3. I prefer tidy nurseries by far. Good signage earns points, especially name tags on succulents, which always get short shrift here (or labels that just say "Asst Succulents"). I also associate disarray with poor plant care. This nursery is very pretty too with its pond and gazebo. I love that crane (?) weathervane on top of the gazebo.

  4. I don't mind a bit of disarray, but draw the line at weeds. I found some really interesting plants at one nursery, but left them behind because the whole place was so weedy. Figured I might introduce some weed that had as yet failed to find me. Who needs that?

  5. Has to be tidy I'm afraid where nurseries are concerned. Gardens can be untidy and that is fine, but organised nurseries look after their plants!
    Funnily enough I have killed two Clematis Armandii myself, and am onto my third. SSSHHH ! This one seems very happy at the moment !!

  6. I prefer tidy and well-marked, too. For the same reasons, also! And in addition to being introverted, I can be a bit of a neat freak.

  7. I like tidy on the tables, but with a bit of wildness going on under benches and in the corners. I really like colorful displays and planted up pots with great plant combinations.

  8. From your photo, that Carex looked mighty tempting to me too. I don't mind a bit of disarray or even weeds. What I have the most trouble with is muddy walking areas. Me no likey that.

  9. I'm with you, if I have to ask, it ain't gonna happen. Disorganized chaos makes me twitch. I'm glad to hear someone else killed that clematis. I think I've killed another "hardy" one this year as well. BUT, my new Oshikiri has buds and I'm so excited I could pee.


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