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Friday, June 21, 2013

A Side Trip to Dig Nursery

Smack in the middle of our Vashon Island garden tour, Peter The Outlaw Gardener, Tom and I stopped at Dig Nursery, a marvelously funky place that I have posted about in the past. I visited two years ago. (Click here to read about my visit.)

The nursery is still encircled by enormous gabions connected by wire fence, and with a gravel "floor," but now has a much more established air to it, as well as some marvelous new, large features such as a greenhouse and a wire pavilion. The gravel now has plants growing in it too.

This adorable little cat statue was situated right in front of a Nigella seedpod, which was growing in the gravel, looking rather like he was sniffing it. Since I love cats, and my husband's name is Nigel, I had to get a picture of it. In fact, it's now my profile picture on Facebook.

A murder of crows

Mexican feather grass and a variety of sedums have been allowed to grow in the gravel.

I love the carpet of sedum at the feet of this bench

The new wire pavilion

I took a photo of these stacked file drawers two years ago! Not long after, I bought some metal file drawers to make my own little succulent "Digette.' I really should get on that.

The nursery is divided into rooms with fun names!

These terra cotta planters are the best!

An enormous pot on its side was filled with water and water plants

These concrete culvert pools connected by a girder river were there two years ago too. Some day I've got to try some Sarracenias.

Orange poppy, so bright and cheerful!

Peony blossoms floating in a birdbath

This rose has such sunny colors!

The owner's dog seems to spend most of her time napping and lounging in the nursery on her own bench.

Forget terrariums under glass, how about a water garden under glass?

I love these stripey containers, they just scream the Southwest to me.

So....what did I buy there? Well, most of them have already been planted, so I can't do my usual trick of lining the suspects up on my patio like a bunch of would-be criminals. (Also, I can't remember all of them, they're out there in the garden somewhere.)

This amazing Arisaema was in glorious flower when I bought it. Now, well, I don't think I'll say what that flower reminds me of.

I bought two of this cute little Pelargonium sidoides there. It hasn't started flowering yet, but when it does, the flower should be burgundy, a great contrast with that leaf.

I also bought two of this cool Nasturtium 'Flamethrower Orange' there, which ended up being planted in cheapo bird cages and hung on my front porch (I posted about that here.)

My favorite purchase at Dig wasn't a plant, it was this stand-out gardening hat! This thing caught my eye the second I entered the little register hut at Dig. I've worn it a few times already. That brim is enormous, and shades the back of my neck perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed this visit to Dig! Peter also posted about this nursery, you can read his post and see the pictures he took here.