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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Pretty Corner of My Garden

I see this right now every time I go through the gate from the back garden to the front.

'Black Beauty' Elderberry with an unknown Geranium (I knew at one time, but I've lost the tag)

With another unknown Geranium, Mukdenia 'Crimson Fans' in the bottom right, and on the left, Snowberry foliage

As I was bending down to get these shots, I heard the characteristic low thrumming of hummingbird wings, and looked up to see one hovering very close by, about 3 feet away. I didn't want to startle it by raising the camera suddenly, I just wanted to experience the moment. I was wearing a pink shirt, and I think it was looking me over to see if I was actually an enormous swath of pink flowers!

I love my garden right now. Despite all the planting and digging and moving of plants, and the watering, and all the backache that goes with that, it really is such a restful place to just sit with a cup of coffee and a book.