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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Visit to Dig Floral and Garden

They promised us sun this afternoon. So Nigel and I decided to go on a field trip, to Dig Floral and Garden, an intriguing nursery on Vashon Island. We drove to Tacoma, and took a short, pleasant ferry ride from Point Defiance to the island. We managed to score a spot right at the front.

We had no trouble finding the nursery. It's right on the main road, Vashon Highway Southwest, which runs north to south on the island. This nursery is just chock-full of interesting and funky plants that I have never seen anywhere else, as well as some quirky and unique hardscaping features.

This gabion, with its vertical succulent tile and living roof with large chanticleer greets you at the entrance. It's hard to tell from this photo, but the gabion is quite tall! The nursery is enclosed on at least one side (possibly two), by several of these gabions, connected by tall wire fences.

Isn't this water feature cool?

There were at least two of these gazebo/arbor structures.

Another gabion had these cool planting cones hung on it.

Stacked metal file drawers were planted with succulents.

 The proprietors' sweet dog, a bull terrier, (I think her name is Sophie) napped when she wasn't greeting visitors.

Loved these colorful glass flowers!

There were several tablescapes with interesting concrete sculptures.

Although this one on the ground near the entrance was a little freaky.

Loved this cute pig! I've seen this pig sculpture elsewhere this spring, some day when I'm done spending money on plants, one of them might come home with me.

This birdbath was adorable.

There were several trays of these Sarracenia.

I saw a couple of cool Cryptomeria, but I was there after perennials, so they stayed behind. I have a feeling one or two of these might find their way into my garden some day, though. I need more evergreens.
Cryptomeria japonica aurocaroides (False monkey puzzle tree)

Cryptomeria japonica 'Spiralis' (I think)

Can you believe I said no to this amazing twisted foliage?

So...what did come home with me?
Golden Hops


Mandarin Honeysuckle

The leaves are interesting, but I really can't wait till it flowers!

Two Bowles golden sedge, Geranium renardii, and a variegated piggyback plant

I have quite a few hardy Geraniums, but nothing with this cool, waffled foliage!

Our trip concluded with a nice dinner on the island, and then a different ferry home, that left from the north end of the island and took us over to West Seattle, and then home.

The sun never did show up. But it was warm and not raining and I got to buy plants, so I'm not going to complain.


  1. That looks like a really neat nursery! That would be a fun day trip for us, I guess we would leave from West Seattle. I love your plant choices. The sun never came out here either, but I agree it was warmish and dry so that was not too bad.

  2. Nursery with many creative ideas. Very fun place to visit.

  3. Just been catching up on the last couple of posts I've missed (been super busy here) and now am here to enjoy this nursery trip with you! What an unusual name they selected! I love visiting nurseries...can never get enough of them :) A pity the weather boffs got their predictions so wrong, but you certainly didn't appear to let no sun bother you in the least! And you found some lovely new additions to take back home ;) I can NEVER leave a nursery empty-handed! The planted up metal drawers were a novel idea and I also liked that birdbath. I honestly though the resident Bull-terrier was a clever statue! I had to look twice to believe it was real ;) Thank you for sharing a lovely day with us, Alison!

    It's pouring here...a proper Cape winter's day...even thunder & lightning which is rare for us. My dogs aren't at all happy about the thunder!

  4. Some nice plants, too. What a fun trip. Thank you for "taking us along."

  5. I love the file cabinet drawers with the succulents! How cool! The whole place looks awesome, though.

  6. Looks like a fun place to visit as well as a great place to find cool plants. I do like the file drawer planter! What a clever idea.


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