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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Some Facts About Me. Maybe A Few Pictures

Over the past year I've been nominated a couple of times for the Versatile Blogger Award, which usually means I have to tell you 7 random things about myself. I didn't respond because I didn't think I could come up with that much interesting stuff. But lately I've been craving a challenge. So, here it is. If you were one of those who nominated me, thanks, I appreciate the honor. I'm not going to pass it on to anyone else, though. There are more than 7 facts here, just in case I get nominated again. If I do, I think I'll just direct everyone to this post.

1. I'm so glad the world didn't end yesterday, because today is my birthday. I have to use a calculator to figure out how old I am, because I've lost track. Seriously, I pretty much stopped counting or caring after about 45. And I'm really bad at math.

2. I used to be a journalist for a trade publication called Network World. (Check out the link and tell me that isn't the most tedious stuff you've ever read.)

3. I have one son, and one daughter-in-law.

Me in my 20s with my new-born son. How about those eyeglasses?

4. I've been married to the same man, the infamous Nigel (who is English), for 31 years. We met at a Dungeons and Dragons game, and I waited the entire night for him to drop the obviously fake English accent. Nigel has two qualities that I cherish -- he makes me laugh, and he makes me think. I'm not quite sure what quality I have that makes him keep coming home to me at night. I don't know what strange course my life would have taken if I hadn't married him, but I know I wouldn't be the same person.

5. I have a pallid little Princess Ariel soprano singing voice. I wish I could sing like Bette Midler. (I don't have a Princess Ariel body). I sing in the car and the shower now, and nothing else.

6. I used to be active in community theater, and played several roles that I loved -- Betty Meeks in The Foreigner, Aunt Abigail in Arsenic and Old Lace, and Arlene in the musical Baby.

That's me on the right in red, playing Aunt Abby in Arsenic and Old Lace, looking so much older than my years (I hope)

7. Besides acting, I used to do lots of other behind-the-scenes stuff in community theater, everything from costuming to props to stage managing.

8. I wanted very much to be a fiction writer when I was young. Actually, I guess I still do. But I can't seem to finish anything I start (other than nice, short blog posts with lots of pictures).

9. I majored in English Language and Literature, and went to Gordon College, a small Christian liberal arts college in Wenham, MA.

Me on Graduation Day

10. I like to cook, read, make crafts, garden (of course), and I used to like to sew. I probably do still like to sew, but I haven't done anything except hem pants and sew buttons in several years. (I made wedding dresses and bridesmaid's gowns for two of my nieces.) I also made my son a silver lame tuxedo with tails to wear to the junior prom. It went very well with his purple and green hair.

My beautiful niece on her wedding day wearing the dress I made for her.

Two of her bridesmaids wearing the Wedgewood Blue silk dupioni dresses I made.

11. I live a quiet life, and I like that.

12. I've been happier living in Washington state than I ever was living in Massachusetts. But I do miss my family who are all back east.

13. For the most part, I don't drink alcohol and for the whole part, I don't smoke. But I sure do like to eat.

14. I love cats, and I'm afraid of big dogs. And medium-sized dogs. And little dogs who bark a lot. Except for my son's cute little doggies, Lily and Stewart. They are exempt. Plus, they're not yappy.

15. I was a hard-core Trekkie, back in the 60s. I still remember watching the first episode about the salt vampire.

A school photo from the 60s. I loved paisley back then. I think everyone did.

16. I've never gone skiing. I don't want to, either. Throwing myself off a mountain on two bent pieces of wood doesn't sound like fun.

17. I used to like horse-back riding. I haven't ridden a horse since the late 80s, when I fell off one. I was riding at DisneyWorld, and something spooked the horses while we were crossing an open field, and they all ran out of control. Just about everyone fell off, so I didn't feel so bad. DisneyWorld gave me a big gift basket of fruit to make up for it.

Me at DisneyWorld, having a different kind of animal encounter, in a really crazy Hawaiian shirt.

18. I'd rather have a tooth pulled than to have to talk on the telephone. I'm an introvert, and my hearing is bad (I have tinnitus), so making out words on the phone is a challenge.

Now you probably know as much about me as just about anyone I can call a friend. Wheeeee!