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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Photo Project 2012 -- Day Four

I went through a lot of photo-taking experiences before I got this shot. It's the best of the day.

Mushrooms, fairy acorns and moss

The fall and winter rains always give rise to a mushroom and moss explosion after the dry summer. Usually I pretty much ignore them. But looking desperately for something -- anything -- to take a picture of, I happened on these mushrooms during a very, very brief dry spell this afternoon.  We're talking about a break in the gray clouds that was not more than a few minutes long. In fact, it may not have even qualified as a break, it was more like a slightly bright spot appeared in the cloudy cover, which I mistook for the sun coming out. I rushed outside with my camera.

I knew that because I might have a hard time finding things around my garden to photograph, that it might behoove me to start carrying my camera around with me at all times, in my purse. I suppose I could just use the camera in my iPhone, but it doesn't have a macro function. Not that I am so great at taking good pictures with my little point-and-shoot, of which I normally use only two functions -- Auto and Macro. That funny little graph that appears occasionally when I click past Manual mode to get to the Macro function frightens me.

I actually took the camera with me to the grocery store this morning, to see what pictures I could get under the bright fluorescent lights in the plant department at Fred Meyer. Pish! They didn't turn out so hot.

But I did buy a Christmas cactus, and two nice big Tillandsias for half price.

The December Photo Project is sponsored by the blog View From the Prairie Box. To participate, you take one photo each day for the first 25 days of December and post it to your blog. To find out more, go here.


  1. Love that photo Alison! Perfect, all that's missing is a slug peeking out from behind one of the mushrooms. And I know what you mean about the rain. I kept waiting to take Lila out thinking it was going to let up but it just kept getting worse. Finally when I saw her eyes bulging and her legs crossed I just dealt with it and got soaked.

    (btw in case you didn't revisit my blog I was not at all offended at all by your comment, I was just giving you a hard time for fun!)

  2. I'm guessing you have muddy knees after capturing that shot. I think it was worth it.


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