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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Foliage Followup and Wednesday Vignette -- November 2016

Raindrops on Cotinus leaves make for interesting photos on Foliage Followup day. They also make nice vignettes for Wednesday Vignette.

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  1. Pretty! My Cotinus leaves are long gone...

  2. Lovely! I'm hoping I'll have droplets on my new Cotinus early next week. Fingers are crossed!

  3. Good shots. What pretty foliage that plant has.

  4. Gorgeous! I don't think there are any leaves at all, left on mine. What's the name of that one with the pretty "stitched", red edge?

  5. Great photos! I enjoyed my Cotinus leaves, too, but they're all gone for this year.

  6. are these all one variety. i have one. it is all mixed up. one side turned orange and dropped its leaves. the other side is still green. same with a pair of wisteria, same variety, ten feet apart. one with golden leaves the wind just took away. the other one still green. it is lovely to have raindrops on plants again. i hate summer.


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