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Monday, January 12, 2015

Molbak's in Mid-Winter

OK, technically, it's not mid-winter, it's early winter, but it feels like spring is right around the corner, and besides, Molbak's in Early Winter lacks alliteration.

On a recent cold, gray, damp day Nigel and I ventured out to Molbak's, about an hour north of us in Woodinville. I had recently received an email notice form them that they were having a 30% off sale on all houseplants and pottery. Our conversation in the car went like this:

Nigel: So what's happening at Molbak's?
Alison: They're having a 30% off sale on houseplants.
N: But you don't like houseplants.
A: What? Yes, I do. All those tropical plants out in the greenhouse? Those are houseplants, it's just that they're out there.
N: Oh. Ok....Are we there yet?

Last time I was at Molbak's, before Christmas, I saw a couple of plants that I wanted, but sadly left behind, kind of the inverse of Buyer's Remorse. Call it Why Didn't I Buy That Remorse. So after getting Nigel safely ensconced in the little coffee shoppe there, I grabbed a cart and made the rounds.

Talavera gnomes!

Last time I was there, there was a lot more Talavera pottery, including plenty of those adorable geckos hanging on the wall.

I put that square pot on the right into my cart.

They had lovely, large crested bird's nest ferns.

I brought home one of the larger bird's nest ferns.

They had quite a few smaller ones too!

Look at the veins on these Alocasia 'Polly.' So cool. And irresistible! I put one of these in my cart as well.

I was so very tempted by these fabulous pitcher plants.

I almost put one of these in my cart. But I was afraid I'd end up killing it.

Nope! I left them behind.

They had lots of brightly colored Bromeliads, but I already have quite a few.

So bright and colorful though!

This gold-leaved Schefflera was tempting. But it's the houseplant one, not hardy outside here.

Monstera deliciosa is such a great name for a plant, isn't it?

I had seen these rat-rail cactus last time too, so I bought one of them.

This one, in fact!
There are apparently quite a few Latin names for rat tail cactus, and I'm not sure they're all synonyms. I think this might be Cleistocactus winteri, which is also called tarantula cactus. They do look rather spidery. It really should be hung, because of the arms/legs, but I think for a while I may just put it in that square Talavera pot.

They had lots of Echevarias, but none of them grabbed me, so I didn't grab back.

Some day I really should buy a Sanseveiria, I hear they're unkillable. These were a variety called 'Bantel's Sensation.'

All the signs had a common name of Snake Plant, but I've always known them as Mother-in-Law's Tongue.

This little spiky succulent is called Faucaria tigrina 'Tiger Jaws.'

I bought one, but I'm not crazy about those dandelion-like flowers.

Bird's nest ferns and flowering Kalanchoe

I was rather taken by these Tillandsias in shells, but I worried it would be hard to water them.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, it depends on how you look at it), the orchids weren't included in the 30% off sale. There were some beautiful specimens though.

Frost-proof AW Pottery is very popular, and was included in the sale

They had lots of great cachepots too

So colorful and retro-looking

I was tempted by these cool pots, shaped somewhat like Hershey's kisses.

Look what you can do with them!

Anyway, Molbak's is having a sale on houseplants and pottery, from now until the 19th of January, so if you're local, hie thee hence. I'm already suffering from Why Didn't I Buy That Remorse. Again.

The Hershey pots. The Monstera philodendron. The pitcher plant.