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Monday, January 26, 2015

Don't Be Jealous...

I got to see Peter's greenhouse on Saturday!

I started out by meeting him at the Tacoma Dome so that we could make the rounds of the Tacoma Home and Garden Show (which was disappointing, due to the meager number and variety of gardening vendors and displays). After the show we went to lunch at a Tacoma restaurant called Gateway to India (mmmm yummy curry). During lunch I twisted his arm and managed to talk him into letting me come back to his place to check out the new greenhouse. I'm so glad he said yes!

This is the gasp-inducing sight that greets you when you step through the door.

This quirky, smirky lady stands beside the stained glass door

Hmmm...perhaps I should start putting a blue rinse in my white hair and wearing orange lipstick and eye shadow. That's quite a look.

The greenhouse is just packed with fabulous plants and marvelous art.

One garden pest captured! Quick, spray that thing with Neem oil.

And camera battery died! So that's all I've got to share with you. But what a great day! Not only did I get to see Peter and his greenhouse, but I also scored the remainder of the Spanish moss that Peter got on ebay, and a packet of seeds for Lychnis x arkwrightii, saved by his niece (also called Alison). You can see photos of this Lychnis in Peter's blog post here.

Thank you so much Peter, and I hope I didn't break your arm twisting it.