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Friday, August 5, 2011

Hopes for August

Well, back in July, I was hoping that the raccoon that has been haunting my garden wouldn't find my veggies. So far, she hasn't, although she is definitely still hanging around. I'm not actually getting much from my veggie garden at the moment either. I have lots of very small green tomatoes, but only one tiny red one. The last few days have been warm and sunny, but today it is cloudy and cool again, which doesn't bode well for the tomatoes. Ah well, I hope in August I get some ripe ones.

For August, I am also hoping that the string algae that has been plaguing my stream for the entire spring and summer finally dies and goes away. I have been pulling it and pulling it, and it just keeps growing back worse than ever. It is so hard to pull, I imagine it must be kind of like trying to grab a jellyfish (but without the sting).

Nasty, slimy stuff!

I just spent a good hour or so tromping around in the water over the rocks, pulling and scraping at the stones with my hands and feet. I'm not a fan of using chemicals at the drop of a hat in the garden, but I'm thinking I might order some chemicals over the internet to kill it once and for all. Short of taking the rocks out and scrubbing them with a scrub brush, I can't think of another solution.

Here are the results of my tromping around.

If you look closely, you can see there is still quite a lot clinging to the rocks. It just won't let go!

It does look better.





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