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Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Garden Art From Glass Gardens NW

Members of the Seattle Fling received a 10% discount on items ordered from the Glass Gardens NW website, so I decided to order some icicles.

I bought one large purple one and two small orange ones, and I "planted" them on the far side of my stream, with some plants that share their colors. What do you think?

They are attached to copper pipe, that came with them. Because my soil is so rocky, I wasn't sure I would be able to get the pipes deep enough into the ground for them to be stable. So I pounded rebar into the ground, and then slipped the pipes over that.

I'm thinking possibly that purple one needs to be pushed further into the ground, although it might look better once the plants around them grow up a bit. They are mostly new plantings, just planted this year, although the Karley Rose Pennisetum was planted last year. 

I think they make a nice backdrop for this Agastache too.

I love 'em!

They arrived on Saturday, shipped via Priority Mail, packed very nicely in both bubble wrap and then packed again in a big box with styrofoam peanuts.

My husband couldn't resist "playing Harry Potter" with the big purple one.


I need more. A handful of colorful orbs will look great in one of my beds. Or maybe the Fiddlesticks, in with some ferns....


  1. Love these!!! Saw some solar powered ones at Molbaks recently. But I truly adore the fiddle sticks--wow--those are expensive!

  2. They do look a little Harry Potter-esque, don't they? They look great in your garden.

  3. Look cool and you pick a good spot for them in your lovely garden. Halloween not that far too.

  4. I should have bought something but I didn't. I am still so overwhelmed just from all of the Fling photos I have to wade through. Those do look really great and I know my husband would totally pose with something like that too.

  5. I love your arrangement of them. I am also a sucker for pretty glass in the garden yet don't have any! Your hubby has a great sense of fun! Good photo!


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