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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wednesday Vignette

For my Wednesday Vignette this week I'm sharing a photo from my garden of the blooms on my Jeffersonia diphylla, aka twinleaf. Jeffersonia is a spring ephemeral that I know has flowered in the past, but somehow I've always missed it. Spring is such a busy time for gardeners, with so much work to do and so much to captivate your attention. In the past I've seen this with seed capsules, so I know it has flowered. This year I caught it at the right time! Hooray for me.

Jeffersonia diphylla aka twinleaf

I went out the next day to see if I could capture a closeup of the flowers, and the petals of two of them had fallen away already.

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  1. Such sweet flowers! Just noticed buds on mine yesterday.

  2. Lovely! Glad you got to see it, if even briefly.

  3. What a pretty plant! As I've never even heard of it, I suspect it's yet another plant that boycotts SoCal.

  4. What a pretty little thing. We really have to appreciate our delicate spring ephemerals when we see them, because they don't last long and they are so lovely.

  5. Oh that is lovely, the leaves as well as the delicate blooms.


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