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Monday, April 9, 2018

In A Vase On Monday

I'm very disappointed in the showing my 'British Gamble' Daffodils made this year in my front bed where they're planted.

Here's a shot from last year's April Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post of that same bed.

I don't know what happened. I've grown Daffodils in the past, from an unnamed pack of yellow ones, that have increased delightfully every year into big full naturalized clumps. I expected my 'British Gamble' to do the same. Do fancy pink Daffs act like fancy tulips, and decrease in vitality every year?

At any rate, I decided since they made such a poor showing in the bed, they might look better altogether in a vase. Plus, we were slated to get some pretty nasty weather on Saturday and Sunday, which meant these already beat up and tossed around blooms would get even more battered if left out. So on Friday I cut them all, every one, and turned them into my IaVoM bouquet.

I kept last week's bluish eucalyptus foliage

Most of the blooms had been bent to the soil by our heavy rain and were spattered with dirt. I gave them all a good shake (in one case I managed to fling a slug off his meal into the grass) and took them inside, where I tried further rinsing them off in the kitchen sink.
Dirty and slug-chewed

Only one relatively pristine flower

They sat that way for most of the weekend, until Sunday afternoon rolled around, and I thought the arrangement looked a bit sparse. So I ran out into the monsoon and quickly cut some Brunnera flowers to beef things up.

Here's a closeup of the vase

I'm not sure what the deal is with my 'British Gamble' Daffs. Maybe this fall I'll just pick up a big bag of yellow ones and try those.

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  1. The blue adds a lovely touch. I have had good luck with N. poeticus which is a species daff. All the doubles and fancy ones I've tried have not done well and mostly disappeared. So you may be right about sticking with the more simple varieties.

  2. The brunnera flowers make this arrangement sing. Love the vase as well. My experience with British Gamble has been the same. I planted fifty of them a few years ago and this year have only one bloom - That must be the gamble part of the name - the casino always wins.

  3. Yep, the blue flowers are an excellent finishing touch. As for that vase it's a good one. Vintage?

  4. The brunnera really enlivens things, doesn’t it? I tend to only put one type of flower in a pot, but need to mix it up a bit, like you!

  5. I love the color combination of the blue Brunnera and the pinky-peach daffs, Alison. Maybe 'British Gamble' is a diva daffodil. She didn't perform particularly well in my garden this year but I was hoping for a better showing next year...

  6. Gosh, what a difference between this year and last - I would have done the same with a showing like that, picking them all as you ahve done. The brunnera really pulls them together and that is such an interesting vase they are in too. Thanks for sharing

  7. Maybe it was just the weather...well you have to blame something! Yes the blue is the answer to lifting your rescued blooms. Better luck next year.

  8. Oh that is too bad about the daffs....but they look great in that beautiful vase with the Brunnera. Daffs are one thing I can grow in this cold area of the country. Soon I should see them blooming.

  9. The blue with the delicate peachy color is just delicious.

    When I saw the comparison of your daffs this year vs. last year, that's exactly like our rain for this year vs. last year. Deeply disappointing vs. YeeeHaw!

  10. Neither daffs of tulips come back well here in our garden. I think it's because we water all summer, and the bulbs prefer to be dried out. I think that why I see glorious clumps of daffs coming back in places that are mostly neglected.
    Your bouquet is lovely.

  11. Great decision to put them in vase, looks lovely especially in combo with the blue blooms.

  12. The eucalyptus and brunnera round out the colors and shape of this arrangement perfectly. The pink daffs you salvaged are lovely. Too bad they do not naturalize well, but I'm glad to learn that information. --Terri,

  13. I've given up on Daffs. They are suppose to be easy, but over the years I've planted more then 200 bulbs. My reward? 20 blooms on a good year. I've done better with Hyacinth. The wonderful scent is a bonus.


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