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Monday, April 16, 2018

In A Vase On Monday

I started the day in a bit of a foul mood, who knows why? Our weather over the weekend was like a window-rattling monsoon, and work in the garden is not progressing as quickly as I'd like. It really would be nice if a horde of garden elves showed up and did the work for me while I pointed and drank lattes (maybe those two nice young strapping Welsh lads from Garden Rescue on British telly). Plus the news just keeps getting worse and worse. I feel a sense of alienation from my own country that actually makes me weepy. This isn't the country I thought it was, when I was younger and idealistic.

I didn't really feel like putting an arrangement together. I briefly considered throwing some dead sticks in a vase and calling that my arrangement. But there was a bit of a lull in the downpour this morning so I ran out with my secateurs and cut three Muscari and then to the greenhouse for something else to fill it with a bit of froth.


Muscari latifolium and Begonia flowers

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  1. I understand any gardener being in a foul mood these days....i know I am. Still have cold, wet weather...we are drowned, wind howling, ice and more snow coming with temps not getting above spring yet, but I love that you put a vase together.....when I manage one, even a small one, it helps me.

  2. Where is all your rain coming from and why isn't it moving along down this way and leaving you alone! We've got the vicious winds, just no precipitation to go with it. The news IS hard to take these days. I've read stories of people who've minimized their news exposure, which is what I'm trying to do, but the New York Times ran an article on a guy in Ohio, Erik Hagerman, who's managed a news "blockade" surrounding him since the presidential election - it sounds very appealing.

  3. Yes, whatever is happening in the rest of the world we can still get pleasure from these simple tasks, which are unaffected by conflict. Snjoy your muscari and begonia blooms this week and allow them to lift your spirits

  4. I've never had begonia flowers in a vase! Need to try.
    As for the rest of your post, Alison, I can say two things:
    -if anyone is depressed, he/she might want to look at the pictures and read the texts in the left column of your blog; It helps! I like a kitty picture.... he-he... and pollen pic... and a brown paper bag;
    - if you are upset with the news, then what to say about me? I am Russian-American! How do I deal with them? I garden, even in the rain. Sometimes, I just take an umbrella and slowly walk through the garden, planning, dreaming and moving plants from here to there and from there to here in my mind. I also went to the GH plant swap and got home with 40 new plants! Oh, it was such a sweet feeling to unload the car...
    Hopefully, sunny days are coming - at least, my husband promised them!
    Stay dry, stay warm!

  5. Whatever makes you smile or adds a bit of cheer is a good thing during this endless foul weather we are having.
    I just spent 2 1/2 hours pulling shot weed in the Whidbey garden in a gale force wind. At least the rain stopped, for now. Lots more work here to do before we can treat ourselves to a day with the Skagit alley tulips. But at least it's a change of venue, and all the the tulips we planted here are lovely, blowing in the wind.

  6. I completely understand how your spirit was tempted by dead sticks, but think it’s probably better for you that you were able to collect a few living flowers. The weather at least will get better, it has to.

  7. Simple yet so effective. Better than dead sticks :)

  8. Love those begonias! I have not watched TV news for years and I no longer read the paper first or last thing of the day — and this from a former print journalist. And our state has been the proving ground for much of what has happened nationally. If there is an ethical, caring member of the GOP at any level, I am still waiting for him/her to step forward and speak out. Well, I guess some of the woman have, but still ...

  9. Hopefully this weekend's warmer and brighter weather lifted your spirits. Your sweet arrangement certainly helped mine despite the current state of affairs.


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