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Monday, April 23, 2018

In A Vase On Monday

I'm late once again putting my vase together for this meme. The weather has been so good lately that I spent yesterday outside working in the garden for hours and hours. Normally I would put a vase arrangement together on Sunday and schedule a post to appear automagically on Monday morning. But I just didn't want to take the time yesterday to do that, and this morning I had an appointment.

So I'm just now getting around to it.

It centers around the Princess Irene tulips that are blooming out in the front garden. There are only a few, and every year they produce fewer and fewer flowers. So I figured I might as well cut the tallest of them and make them the centerpiece of the vase.

Princess Irene out in the garden

That left me with the challenge of finding other flowers to go with them. They are pretty splashy, hot colors, after all, and I have nothing else in my garden right now that is flowering in orange.

But I have plenty of purple, so I went with that.

Purple Pulsatilla, purple checkered Fritillaria meleagris, a couple of stems of Persicaria 'Red Dragon,' and a little ruff of caramel-colored Heuchera leaves, the closest thing to orange I could find

A closeup

I have another appointment in the afternoon, so I might not have much time for more gardening today. But fortunately, our current forecast is for some pretty nice weather this week, and as Scarlett O'Hara said in Gone With the Wind, "Tomorrow is another day!"

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  1. Oh these are stunning colors mixed together....glad you are able to get out and about in the garden.....I understand how that is, wanting to use every minute to work in the garden.

  2. Time in the garden is precious when there is so much to do, isn't it?! The purple works surprisingly well with Princess Irene, and it's good to see Red Dragon which here is only just beginning to show new growth. Does yours die back over winter?

  3. Do all tulips slowly disappear in your climate, or is this unique to 'Princess Irene'? She's a stunner while she lasts!

  4. These are especially pretty backlit by the sun.
    My first visit here - I see you hailed from MA (Been here all my life). I'm sure you don't miss our winters. This last one was a humdinger! Love your funnies wall, esp. the cat eating the fairy, oops! ;)

  5. Princess Irene tulips gave me the color scheme for my tulip display in the garden - pink, purple and orange. i love that flashy combination.

  6. One of my favorite color combinations! Princess Irene is a gorgeous tulip. Too bad she doesn't increase here.

  7. I don't blame you for enjoying your time in the garden and posting late. I posted people's comments on Monday but mostly was outdoors as well. When the garden calls, the garden must be answered.


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