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Monday, March 19, 2018

In A Vase/Bowl On Monday

Nigel and I eat out at restaurants more often than we should, and occasionally, when we are checking out a new place and the waitress asks us what we want, we sometimes answer, "One of each," if everything looks good.

I figured the principle "one of each" worked just as well for my presentation today -- one of each Hellebore in my garden, floating in a bowl. It's a good way to present the flowers, since they are for the most part nodding flowers low to the ground that are hard to see, so it's not exactly an original idea. You could probably find hundreds of images with a Google Image search for "Hellebores in a bowl" but it's the best I could come up with today quickly. I didn't have any time yesterday to make the rounds of my garden to choose a bouquet because I spent the day in Portland, OR at Little Prince of Oregon headquarters, getting a tour of their growing facilities, which is pretty fabulous (watch for a future post).

Anyway, here's my one of each Hellebore.

Here's a few closeups.

Some are a bit ragged

Some are still pristine

The cut glass bowl is maybe a bit deep, but it was all I had

Last week's Queen's Tears had to be tossed, it didn't actually last in the vase. The bowl was given pride of place in the window behind the kitchen sink.

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