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Monday, March 5, 2018

In A (Little) Vase on Monday

For my vase arrangement today I decided to go small, and pick a little posy of Cyclamen coum and Galanthus. I don't think it's any particular Galanthus. I'm not much of a Galanthophile, I probably just chose something labeled Galanthus nivalis from a catalog and stuck them in when they arrived. They're perhaps a little bit battered after our cold and snowy weather, but I thought they would make a nice little white ruff around the rim of the little vase. The leaves are from my Arum italicum 'Jack Sprat,' which is mottled with spots of black.

It's sitting upstairs on my bookcase, but for a change, it's next to a framed picture I made a while ago of a favorite Gertrude Jekyll quote, and a Limoges lidded pin box that I inherited from my mother-in-law.

Cyclamen coum, Galanthus nivalis, Arum italicum 'Jack Sprat' and a couple of sprigs of sweet box

I moved it briefly into the bathroom for the better lighting.

Arum italicum 'Jack Sprat'

A little ruff of snowdrops

The Cyclamen has a delicate scent only noticeable when you get close. This little vase is the same one that I had the Alstroemeria and Monstera leaves in last week. The Alstroemeria was past it, dropping petals right and left, but those Monstera leaves are still beautiful. I didn't think they'd fit in here, though, so I decided to completely immortalize them by scanning them. I've done this before with autumn leaves. I cut the stems off and laid them over each other and then scanned them with the scanner that I normally use for scanning documents or old, pre-digital photos.

They kind of look like aliens staring back at me

Still, I'm going to hang onto those leaves as long as I can.

The downstairs vase, by the kitchen sink, needed a bit of a redo. Most of the bottom portion of the stems on the Hellebores had gotten mushy, so I cut them off short, threw out the ones that were completely rotten and put them in a different, shorter vase. I'm pretty sure I don't change the water on my arrangements anywhere near often enough.

They're still being lifted up by the cat's dish (don't worry, it's not the only dish we have for feeding him, and that chubster will never starve)

Now that I've done my third one of these IaVoM posts, I've realized that they are an interesting exercise in repurposing as well as addictive. What parts of last week's arrangement are still good and how can I reuse them? I have an aversion to throwing out things that are still useful. My son can tell you I was one of those annoying mothers who insisted that you could still get that last drop of ketchup out of the bottle.

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  1. What a sweet small arrangement! Love your double snowdrops and the leaf scan. Good for you for keeping the hellebores going for another week. My arrangements typically just dry up and wither as they get no care during the week.

  2. Lovely little cyclamen and snowdrops display. My own cyclamen are done blooming for a while now. I can't keep Hellebore in a vase longer then a day or two; the fact yours are still looking good for another week is impressive.
    There is not a drop of lotion, tooth paste or shampoo in any container when I'm done with it...

  3. This week's vase is lovely, Alison, but I'm still enamored with your hellebores. I'm impressed by what you did to immortalize the Monstera leaves too.

    P.S. Your newest side-bar posts had me giggling, which I needed after spending half an hour cleaning up after the raccoons this morning.

  4. How wonderful to keep hellebores going so long in a vase. I love your cyclamen with a snowdrop ruff.

  5. Ove a week for your hellebores is wonderful, Alison - did you condition them at all befotere you used them last week? I have not come across a named arum before and the black spots on your arum are really curious. Love the leaf scan!

  6. The galanthus are beautiful--enough to turn anyone into a phile.

    If you want to try 'Joe Hoak' (saw your comment on DG) I have a gazillion, more than I can ever use.

  7. I'm impressed that the hellebores are still looking lovely. Those double snowdrops are wonderful, and scanning leaves? I had never thought of that!

  8. Little arrangements like your first are one of my favorites, and I love that you usd the Arum italicum 'Jack Sprat' foliage. It’s so fabulous and I don’t get to appreciate it nearly enough in the garden, I’m going to have to copy you. (your plants btw). Love your Royal Copley vase!

  9. Loved the little many happy little spring blooms inside. And wow that is amazing your hellebores lasted so well. Waiting for our snow to melt so I can get a few blooms in the garden!


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