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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday Vignette/Foliage Followup -- January 2018

There's not much going on in the way of foliage out in the garden right now. We did just have a few warmish (for winter) sunny days, but right now everything is rather soggy, and most everything is either cut back to the ground or brittle bare sticks.

Most of the action in terms of foliage is happening in the greenhouse.

Monstera deliciosa/Begonia luxurians combo

Monstera closeup

Begonia luxurians

Begonia 'Little Brother Montgomery' and his little friend

Mangave 'Bloodspot'

Outside in the garden:
Sedum Angelina and Acaena microphylla meld into each other along the broken concrete wall

Sempervivum/Agave parryi combo in a window box

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