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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday Vignette/Foliage Followup -- January 2018

There's not much going on in the way of foliage out in the garden right now. We did just have a few warmish (for winter) sunny days, but right now everything is rather soggy, and most everything is either cut back to the ground or brittle bare sticks.

Most of the action in terms of foliage is happening in the greenhouse.

Monstera deliciosa/Begonia luxurians combo

Monstera closeup

Begonia luxurians

Begonia 'Little Brother Montgomery' and his little friend

Mangave 'Bloodspot'

Outside in the garden:
Sedum Angelina and Acaena microphylla meld into each other along the broken concrete wall

Sempervivum/Agave parryi combo in a window box

Pam at Digging hosts Foliage Followup on the day after Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, although I know she won't mind me being a day late with my post. You can see her post here.

Anna at Flutter & Hum hosts Wednesday Vignette. Check out her post here.


  1. Wedo have quite a few evergreen shrubs here in the PNW that add to our winter landscape. I have been filling vases with some of ours.

  2. 'Bloodspot' mangave is one of my faves - nice to see it here too. Your others are lovelies too. Thanks for joining in with Foliage Follow-Up!

  3. Love all those variegated succulents - very cool! I dropped a hammer on my Mangave. It's still alive, but all broken up, poor thing. :( I took cuttings of my Begonia luxurians earlier this fall. It looks like if most of them have taken. Hopefully I will have some to share for our Swap!

  4. I love that Begonia luxurians! It's so elegant.

  5. Lots of great foliage in your greenhouse! I especially love the begonia with the dinosaur fighting it's way through the feather forest.

  6. Monstera closeup is truly delicious, and Mangave 'Bloodspot' is spotless, so to speak. The cushy greenhouse living.

  7. I do wish my greenhouse was the size of yours!

  8. Greenhouses and stone(or broken concrete) walls are such valuable assets for the garden! I don't have a greenhouse and that is why, probably, I lost one of my Windcliff begonias during the 2016/2017 winter. Although, Dan Hinkley told me that it survives winters in their garden.
    As for agaves, I keep them close to house walls and cover them from time to time. I see you have your agave outside too. I hope to see you at the NWFGS! I don't join the social media team this time. Do you go to the NPA 'The Promise of Spring' event this Sunday? I'll be there.
    Stay warm and dry!

    1. I stand corrected. Situation changed, and I registered for the tweetup. Maybe, see you then.

  9. The begonia and Mangave would be perfect for a Halloween-themed garden. The begonia leaves are very striking!


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