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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wednesday Vignette

On a recent trip to Molbak's I was struck by the vivid colors of the Anemone coronaria. It's still only January, so I really think it may be too early for me to be buying these and planting them out, but boy was I tempted! They really are just so stunning, like jewels.

Especially that blue one. I've never grown these before, so I have no clue how they really do in the Pacific Northwest. Do you have any experience with them?

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  1. They are gorgeous. Haven't grown them since Alaska but they always did well there, bulbs planted in the fall. Probably would be very happy here.

  2. How can you resist, Alison?! I can't and, with our ongoing drought, they're mostly just expensive annuals here. I expect they'd love all your rain.

  3. Spectacular looking flowers. Not a blemish on them!
    I've tried growing Anemone blanda a year ago. I have not detected anything poking out of the ground yet, but I hold on to hope, its still early. Even if successful, they will look nothing like that majestic purple anemone.

  4. I always associate Anemone coronaria with one of my favorite gardens ever, the twin sisters' garden in Chapel Hill. They always have several of those, along with lots of other brilliantly colored flowers.

    I've grown it before but it only lasted a couple of years before disappearing. Either winter wet or voles got them which is a shame, because they are beautiful flowers.

  5. That blue one is my very favorite! I put some purple ones in a planter last year, with a bunch of other stuff. Seeing your photos makes me want to run outside to see if there are any signs of them coming back...

  6. They are very beautiful, but we have had absolutely no luck in growing them.

  7. Beautiful. Love the blue one.


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