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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wednesday Vignette -- Persistence

Anna at the blog Flutter & Hum, who hosts Wednesday Vignette (see her post here), often includes a nice, long, well-thought out and reasoned bit of philosophy to go with the picture she posts.

Me, not so much. I usually just post a pretty picture.

Today, I'm posting something misleading -- it just looks like a pretty picture of a flower. But there's a lesson in it. A lesson in persistence. Persistence in the Face of a Dire Threat to Life.

Not just a pretty flower

Last fall I dug that Hellebore up because I was renovating the bed it was in.  And then I not only never replanted it, but I did major surgery on it. I cut the enormous clump into four pieces with a bow saw. It was the first Hellebore I ever planted here, 10 years ago, and the root ball was massive, about 24 inches across. It was so heavy I couldn't move it, so I cut it in four pieces, so I could at least move the less heavy chunks.

And now it's flowering. And it's the first Hellebore in my garden to start flowering.

Still uprooted. And flowering.

In fact, all four sections are flowering.

These two sections have 21 flowering stems between them.

There's a lesson here: If some mad crazy person ever cuts you into four pieces with a bow saw, keep going like nothing happened.

I really should get those bits back in the ground ASAP, huh? This Hellebore deserves it.


  1. An important lesson! May be all be hellibores. By the way I sent on your links to Scottish language to my niece's daughter who will be attending college outside of Edinburgh - she loved it!

  2. I was going to say 'good job' on dividing the clump, until I realized those chunks aren't even planted... OMG. Resilience is a word that comes to mind. By the way: the bloom has a wonderful color. Do you know hellebore this is?

    1. Amazingly, when I dug it up, I also dug up the tag which I had stuck in the ground nearby 10 years ago. It's Helleborus orientalis 'Mardi Gras Double.'

  3. Dear plant abuser, (or you just a cut up?)
    Please get those sweet hellebores back in the ground before the summer drought or we'll have to report you to PPS (Plant Protection Services.) Pretty remarkable that they're blooming!

  4. P.S. I love the funny messages you put in your margins.

  5. Amazing, and beautiful. And that bit about "If some mad crazy person ever cuts you into four pieces with a bow saw, keep going like nothing happened." words to live by...

  6. Remarkable! My hellebores don't flower that well even straight out of the nursery. Yours deserve royal treatment - give them a topping of compost after you plant them.

  7. You do realize that plants bloom more when they are under stress. They are trying to reproduce before they DIE. Get them planted!
    Besides, they are beautiful.

  8. Yes you DO need to get that beauty into the ground. And I hope, that if I ever get quartered, I will respond in a similar manner!

  9. Thank you for sharing, I love your blog!

  10. Sounds like you've given that Hellebore a new lease on life. Though this makes me wonder how long I should wait to divide my Hellebores. They're just three years old right now.

  11. Oh my, I would never have had the courage for this but it paid off. Maybe I will try it.


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