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Friday, February 17, 2017

One Last Disneyland Post -- What the Heck is It?

There were a few plants that I saw at Disneyland that I didn't recognize but that intrigued me. I'm hoping some Californian readers out there can identify them for me.

Sorry I didn't get a good shot of the entire tree or its foliage, but this fruit got my attention

I didn't recognize this, but its droopy flowers and heart-shaped leaves reminded me of a Hydrangea

I'm actually guessing this is a ponytail palm, but it was enormous -- I'm used to seeing ponytail palms in little pots

The caudex was the size of some prehistoric creature's foot

After our recent snow and a couple of days that teased spring-like temps, followed by more winter rain, I'm totally ready to go back to California. Who wants to come with me?


  1. That last one is definitely a ponytail palm, and the first some kind of ficus, I think. I'm always amazed at what houseplants can grow into when you can put them in the ground! And if you're trying to get away from the rain, don't come here this weekend - we're about to get our worse storm all winter!

  2. First is some kind of ficus. The hydrangea-like flower is Dombeya, probably Dombeya wallichii since I think that one is the most common. And the last is, as Renee said, "definitely a ponytail palm."

  3. There's a really nice website called It is arranged by area with photos of all the plants. If you know where you were when you took the picture of the fig-look-alike, you may be able to get its name.

  4. Check out Denise's blog today, there are a ton of fabulous photos including a couple of another Dombeya, and Disneyland is referenced!

  5. That first one looks like a fig to me too but I've no idea of the variety. Having just read Denise's post, I know you've identified the hydrangea-like plant as a Dombeya. Denise's post sent me looking for the mail-order source for this genus I uncovered when I first saw the plant on Diana's Elephant's Eye on False Bay (South African) blog - Annie's carries it but I think it's a different species.

  6. I can't remember the species but it is a Ficus. Dombeya as Evan says. There used to be a hedge of Dombeya at the Huntington surrounding the view plaza below the mansion, but they've been taking them out and replacing them with part of the Whitelock Cycad collection. Last I was there there was one or two left. That Ficus is also there at the Huntington, only 100 years older and 100 feet taller.

  7. I'm no help identifying these plants, but I enjoyed the photos!

  8. If you wish upon a star, perhaps you will find the names of all these intriguing plants.


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