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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday Vignette

It's easy to miss seeing a cactus in flower. They don't last long, a day maybe. I noticed a bud forming the other day and knew I'd have to keep an eye on it if I wanted to capture it with my camera.

Happy Cactus

I really love the salmon orange color

Another day and it will shrivel up and eventually fall off

It flowered earlier this summer too, produced several flowers in fact. This must be its last gasp before fall and winter set in. It's not hardy, so it will have to be overwintered in the greenhouse.

Anna at Flutter & Hum hosts Wednesday Vignette. You can see her post for today here.


  1. What a beautiful color! I know what you mean about keeping watch on the plant - I've missed blooms on my Echinopsis several times.

  2. I am always so struck by the beauty of cactus flowers on such inhospitable plants.

  3. Oh - so pretty! Funny, but it almost looks like a water lily - how ironic!

  4. Such a beautiful colour, no wonder you were waiting to photograph it!

  5. Cactus flowers are so special and illustrate that even the prickliest characters have a soft and beautiful side. Great pictures!

  6. The most beautiful cactus flower I have ever seen.

  7. I always miss the blooms on our cactus too. I never miss the thorns when I'm weeding around them, though. What a gorgeous flower!


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